12 30 2014 FL The senior pastor and others had called in an employee of the Living Water Fellowship to terminate his employment. The employee became enraged, pulled a pistol and shot at the pastor 3 times barely missing him. The pastor had his own gun and returned fire hitting and stopping the attacker. The attacker will live and will be charged with attempted murder. Several people, including children in the church’s school were in the building at the time.
12 28 2014 CA Following the Sunday night service at the Greater Apostolic Faith Temple Church, two of the pastors were sitting in a car in the parking lot when a man approached the passenger side. The man produced a firearm and shot 4 times into the vehicle. One of the rounds grazed one of the pastor’s chest and hit him in the arm. The gunman escaped into the night, and people talked of how shocked they are that such a thing could happen at a church.
12 28 2014 FL Two police officers were sitting in separate vehicles in the parking lot of the Northside Baptist Church around 3:00 that Sunday morning when they came under fire. Taking cover they never saw where the shots were coming from, and were not able to return fire.
12 26 2014 NJ 21 and 22-year-old males were eventually arrested and charged with various criminal mischief, drugs and firearms charges after two incidents at the historic Old Paramus Reformed Church. On two separate occasions they had shot at least 40 times into the church with a rifle. One of the rounds had gone clear through the church but nobody was inside at the time.
12 23 2014 TN While playing basketball at a church, a 15-year-old boy was shot. Very few details have been released but the boy is expected to survive.
12 23 2014 NC Pastor Randall Smith of the Advent Christian Church was inside the church alone before a 9:30 AM prayer meeting when he was approached by a stranger asking for money. Pastor Smith told him he had no money, and the man stabbed him in the stomach and fled. A congregant arrived a little while later and found the pastor slumped down in the hallway. He was rushed to a hospital and will survive. Congregants expressed shock that such a thing could happen.
12 20 2014 OK The pastor of the Windsor Hills Baptist Church was home alone with his son when an intruder broke into his home about 3:15 that afternoon. The pastor fired on the intruder killing him. No charges were filed.
12 19 2014 OH A group of friends were hanging around in the parking lot of the Roselawn Lutheran Church drinking about 8:30 that Friday night when two men emerged from nearby bushes. At least one of the men began shooting, striking one of the crowd. The victim was transported with non-life-threatening injuries. Witnesses are uncooperative.
12 17 2014 AL As a woman left Wednesday night services at Keys to Successful Living Church, she was approached by an armed man as she began to get into her car in the parking lot. As she opened her door he appeared, displayed the firearm and demanded her purse. She complied and lived. 
12 16 2914 MA A 50-year-old man with reported brain injuries became violent in front of a score of 10-13 year-olds in the gym of the Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Church. With a baseball bat in hand, he then went out into the parking lot and smashed a car windshield. He was arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and other charges.
12 9 2014 VA A 32-year-old man had just recently started attending the Body of Christ Outreach Church. The pastor came into the church around 5:30 PM that Tuesday afternoon and surprised the man who was in a back room of the church. The man stabbed the pastor when confronted about his illegal entry. The pastor will survive, and the man is charged with many crimes including burglary, malicious wounding, assault and battery.
12 9 2014 NY A man with a history of mental illness had apparently stopped taking his medications when he went to the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic world headquarters (a Jewish Synagogue). For no apparent reason he stabbed rabbinical student Levi Rosenblat in the head. Police shot and killed the attacker after arriving and him not putting down the knife. Rosenblat will survive.
12 4 2014 KS 15-year-old Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein was killed as he was getting into his vehicle after leaving services at the Somali Center Mosque. The killer -- a fellow Somali who has developed radical hatred for the Islamic teachings – was arrested for the vehicular homicide.
12 4 2014 FL A 33-year-old man killed his wife and a neighbor lady who was visiting, then caught a taxi to the Bayshore Baptist Church. Once at the church he complained for 20 minutes to pastor Tripp Battle’s wife about how the world was evil. When pastor Battle came back, he shot him dead.
11 30 2014 AR Around 7:00 PM that in that Sunday evening service, a 33 year old man came into the White Rock Pentecostal Church and told the preaching pastor to put his microphone down. The angry man appeared to be intoxicated as he told the congregation the pastor was lying. When the man was done speaking he left and a member followed him outside where the man raised up his shirt and put his hand on a pistol in his waistband. The man was facing a felony charge of Terroristic Threatening in the first degree as of press time.
11 27 2014 WI A man broke into the St James Lutheran Church on Thanksgiving night, then called 911 to say he was going to start shooting and burn the church down. After a 3-1/2 hour standoff with police special hostage and tactical teams, the man surrendered peacefully early the next morning.
11 23 2014 CA After a man was found shot dead on the lawn of the Church of the Nazarene, police found a suspect nearby and a gunfight followed. The gunman was killed in the battle.
11 23 2014 WI Two men were seen hanging around outside Our Savior’s Church during the Sunday morning service. One of the men came inside, found a small girl and tried to get her to leave with him. He did not get away with her, and the 2 men disappeared. 
11 23 2014 KY About 4:25 that Sunday morning, officers saw some suspicious vehicles in the parking lot of the Berea Christian Church. As they walked towards the vehicles to investigate, one of the vehicles started coming at the officers. Fearing for their lives, the officers fired into the vehicle striking the driver in the face. Church was cancelled as the investigation continued.
11 22 2014 MN A man’s girlfriend sought refuge in the Hope Lutheran Church where a homeless shelter had been set up. The man found her there & hit her over the head with a pistol. Police arrested him & charged him with assault, domestic & terrorism related offenses.
11 21 2014 NV A 74-year-old man (JM) and another man got into an argument over money at the Community United Methodist Church. The argument escalated into a physical altercation with JM on the ground in the parking lot. When the community outreach planner (who planned the event the men were at) pulled the man off of him, JM walked away. but came back up with a gun and shot the other man. JM was arrested and the other man was in critical condition at press time.
11 19 2014 TXz As a mother was getting into her jeep with her son in the parking lot after a service at Lakewood Church, a man approached them with a gun and demanded her purse. She didn’t want to give up her purse. Her son probably saved her from serious injury or worse assuring her it was OK to let her purse go. The robber got away and has not been identified.
11 18 2014 MI A woman in her 60’s is a volunteer hall monitor who escorted a 3rd grade child to the child’s parent’s car at the St. Francis Catholic Church around 6:00 that Tuesday evening. She then arrived at her own vehicle in the parking lot where a mugger was hiding. He attacked her, knocking her to the ground. She slashed his face with her car keys before he ran off taking her purse.
11 16 2014 TX 16-year-old Rikko Valencia was on his way home after working all night at a nearby Whataburger. As he cut across the parking lot of the Springwood Baptist Church he was attacked by 3 teenagers who shot him twice in the face, killing him. They were arrested 2 months later & admitted to the robbery turned murder.
11 10 2014 IN After four other fires within 6 months at the First Christian Missionary Baptist Church, the fifth began as the church caretaker was sleeping in the building at 04:00 that Monday AM. Little doubt remains the fires are intentional & this one resulted in the caretaker being transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation. He will survive & no suspects have yet been named. 
11 9 2014 OK A burglar stole over $1,000 worth of electronics from the Iglesia Cristiana Church sometime in the night or early morning hours before Sunday morning services. The thief also turned on a gas valve, and lit a candle to remain 20 feet away from the gas in order to facilitate an explosion. The pastor arrived early and discovered the brewing explosive cocktail which they were able to prevent.
11 8 2014 NJ Police responded to an altercation at St Marks Syriac Orthodox Cathedral. The church had leased out its facility to a group for an event when a fight erupted which left one man with serious head injuries. The incident was still under investigation and no arrests had been made at press time.
11 7 2014 DE A 27-year-old male became angry at a woman inside the Georgetown Presbyterian Church. When they came out of the church the attacker slugged her in the jaw, began choking her and attempted to push her down the stairs. The man was charged with strangulation, assault and criminal mischief.
11 5 2014 TX An 18-year-old boy was shot and killed in the parking lot of Life Fellowship Church. The teen had agreed to meet other teens there in a drug deal that went bad. It was another 18-year-old boy who was arrested for the murder which took place in the middle of the night.
11 4 2014 CA As members of the Islamic Society of the Coachella Valley were inside at 5:00 AM that Tuesday morning, at least 5 shots were fired at the facility. 3 of the shots hit a car parked in front of the building while the other 2 hit the facility. No-one was injured and no suspects have been named.
11 1 2014 TN While authorities are not releasing details of where the crime occurred, a 24-year-old female and her 23-year-old male accomplice murdered 57-year old Prospect Park Baptist Church senior pastor Don Smith and took his car. The crime was solved in part because they posted selfies on social media of themselves making out in the back seat of his car the day after having killed him.
11 1 2014 PA The assistant pastor of the Everett Church of God and another church member came out of the church about noon that Saturday to find a 29-year-old man breaking into a car in the parking lot. As they approached the man, he pulled a gun and fired it into the window of another car sitting nearby while claiming to be God. He then took the pastor’s keys and stole his car.
10 31 2014 MT A 20-year-old mentally unstable man well-known to local law–enforcement stole a 7mm deer rifle and a car then called law enforcement to inform them he would hurt someone if they couldn’t stop him. He then headed to the Libby Christian Church. The church was in the midst of a large Halloween event with many children on site when police arrived and saw him waving the rifle around. He ran into the nearby woods and was eventually persuaded to surrender.
10 30 2014 TN A man had a conversation with a woman on an on-line dating service and agreed to meet her at the Hannaway Church. As he was awaiting her at the church, two men erupted from the shrubs around the building and attacked him. He was robbed of his cash and a cell phone as one man punched him and the other kept his hand on what was insinuated to be a gun in his pocket. Authorities believe it was all a team scam.
10 29 2014 LA When police went to the Holy Cross Catholic Church to serve a PEC (Physicians Emergency Commitment) order to a 26-year-old male, he did not take it well. He opened fire on the officers, who returned fire killing him.
10 27 2014 WA A male victim was sitting in a car in the lower parking lot of Grace Church with friends smoking marijuana when a man approached their vehicle demanding cash, then got spooked and fired once into the vehicle. The victim was expected to survive and no suspects were found as of press time.
10 24 2014 NM Someone threw what appears to have been a Molotov cocktail at the southeast Albuquerque Islamic Center between 08:30 and 09:30 that Friday AM. Video surveillance of the suspect's car was not good enough quality to determine any identification.
10 17 2014 UT A 42-year-old was walking in front of an LDS church about 6:30 that Friday morning when she was struck by gunfire. The LDS church submitted video coverage of the incident to police, and police found undisclosed evidence in the church parking lot, but so far no arrests have been made. 
10 17 2014 UT Lesbian lovers got into an altercation that ended with police finding them in the parking lot of the Gospel Tabernacle Pentecostal Church. When police arrived one of the women was dead from knife wounds inflicted by the other. The fight started on nearby I-15. It is unclear where the death took place.
10 13 2014 NJ 17-year-old Joell Burton was running through the First Baptist Church parking lot about 9:15 that Monday night when he was struck by gunfire and died. 
10 13 2014 KY A man who appears to have served as the Youth Pastor of Polly Ann Church of God (the church denies this saying he was only a teacher) claimed to be “ex-gay”. However, he not only raped a young man in the church, but also threatened to kill him if he told.
10 10 2014 MN A 17-year-old girl conspired with an out-of-state 19-year-old male friend to lure an 18-year-old male to the Westwood Community Church for a “boy-girl” talk. The 18-year-old had no clue the coerced attacker was in the back seat of the girl’s car until the attack. The 18-year-old was hit multiple times with a ball-bat, but finally got it away from the attacker who then fled, but was apprehended later in his home state of Arizona.
10 9 2014 NY About 10:30 that night, 17-year-old Shmerea Nailor was gunned down and killed on the sidewalk of St. Mark's & All Saints' Episcopal Church – just 20 feet from the church doors. Nobody has been named or arrested as of press time.
10 6 2014 OK After having killed a woman for not dating him at another site, a man then went to Grace Church where he was reported as suicidal as he sat in his vehicle in the church parking lot. The 24-year-old male then went into the woods behind the church and killed himself.
10 5 2014 IN Olive Branch Missionary Baptist Church members locked down as they observed a man with a gun in their adjacent cemetery. The man was confronted by police after he left the church grounds, which resulted in a 3 hour negotiation with him to keep him from killing himself.
10 5 2014 IA A 48-year old woman was sitting in her van after church in the parking lot when a man stole her van. As she tried to get free, the man dragged her with her arm caught in the door as he drove off with her purse and other belongings. She got free of the door and fell into the street with non-life threatening injuries.
10 4 2014 NY A woman entered St. Luke's Mission of Mercy Church about 11:30 that morning and begun threatening to detonate a grenade. Police arrived and disarmed her of the grenade and took it outside where they determined it to be inert. The woman was taken to a mental health facility for psychological treatment.
10 3 2014 FL A man was shot about 9:30 PM that Friday night in front of the East Fort Myers Church of Christ. Police canvassed the area looking for the shooter but never found anyone. The man will survive.
10 1 2014 SC The pastor of the Westside Baptist Church was inside the church praying around 4:50 that Wednesday AM when he heard his truck crank up. He got a gun, and ran outside to catch a thief in the process of trying to get the pastors truck in gear. At the site of the gun the thief took off running away and was not caught.
10 1 2014 NY Police officers were forced to use a Taser on a distraught and suicidal man outside the Franciscan Church of the Assumption. The man was holding a machete to his own throat and would not comply with orders to put down the weapon.
9 30 2014 CA 72-year-old Dongsu Ju was unlocking the front doors of the Korean United Presbyterian Church for the 5:30 AM service as he had done for many years when he was attacked by 2 unknown suspects. They beat him and robbed him of his keys, wallet and a bag. 
9 29 2014 PA A gun battle broke out around 1:20 that Monday afternoon close to the New Kensington Canaan Outreach Ministry church which took bullet holes through its sign and front door. Police said nearly a dozen shots were fired during the fight.
9 26 2014 VA As two cleaning ladies finished their work in the Redeemer Lutheran church and went to their vehicle that night, a car full of robbers boxed them in. Two of the four got out with guns and attempted to rob the ladies, but they had no valuables on them. 4 men have been arrested.
9 21 2014 TX As worshipers were inside New Light Baptist for Sunday morning services, someone shot 4 of the vehicles in the parking lot. Nobody was injured and no suspects have been located.
9 15 2014 WA A 47-year-old man attacked people all around town with a paintball gun, and police finally caught up to him in the parking lot of the Holy Innocents Catholic Church where he was shooting a woman with the paintball gun. When the police car came into the parking lot, the man rammed the police vehicle with his, then shot the police officer with a real handgun and took off again. The wounded police officer will survive and the man was arrested.
9 14 2014 AL Knowing he was infected with AIDS, the senior pastor of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church had sex with church members inside the church. He had changed the church constitution to increase his power, changed locks and bank accounts to restrict others from access and refused to give up his church-owned Mercedes Benz until he was sued. 
9 14 2014 FL As a Shiloh Tabernacle of Praise Church member was opening the doors for service, they were alerted to the body of a 26-year-old woman behind the church. Witnesses had heard a gunshot around 05:00 that morning, and saw a man running from the area.
9 14 2014 FL A female member of the Iglesia Vida Nueva Church was fighting with another woman in the parking lot when a man arrived in a vehicle. When the man got out of his vehicle and approached the two fighting women with a knife, the husband of one of the women tried to intervene and was stabbed in the process. The man was arrested some days later and charged with attempted murder.
9 14 2014 IL As the pastor and congregants of the One Way M.B. Church were having Sunday dinner on the grounds, a man was shot and killed on the church property on the other side of the building. Parishioners were made to go and stay inside the church until police could confirm the unknown killer(s) was no longer a threat.
9 8 2014 VA An armed and suicidal man outside the Springfield United Methodist Church caused the church to go into lockdown as police responded. The man was shot by police in the encounter but is expected to survive.
9 8 2014 FL A homeless man was sleeping at the First United Methodist Church, when a homeless woman approached him angry that he was “in her spot”. She then began to throw his belongings around then attacked him with a hammer. She was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
9 7 2014 MA Police were still on the scene that Sunday AM as Bethesda Lutheran Church congregants arrived for morning services. A gunshot victim had been found at the end of the drive where the church drive intersects the street at 5:00 AM. The man was still alive at press time, and no attackers had been named.
9 6 2014 PA Around 5:00 that Saturday morning police responded to reports of multiple gunshots outside the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church.  Upon arrival they found 39-year-old Nathanial Green dying of gunshot wounds in the rear parking lot of the church. The shooter(s) was never found.
9 6 2014 CA A girl’s 15th Birthday party (quinceañera) was occurring at the Hidden Valley Christian Church when security asked 2 disruptive women to leave. Intoxicated men got into the argument. One of those men who was attempting to reinforce the security guard actions was stabbed in his elbow and abdomen by an unknown attacker. Another man was hit over the head with a bottle.
9 4 2014 KY A man was discovered suffering from a gun-shot wound to his face sitting in the parking lot outside of St Peter the Apostle Church. The man is expected to survive, but says he cannot recall any details of the shooting, and police question if it happened at the church or if the man was moved (or moved himself) to the church.
9 4 2014 FL In an area where a serial rapist is currently active, a woman stepped off a bus at 2:00 AM. She observed a man approaching from behind her, then was knocked unconscious. She woke up later behind the Church of God in Christ with her clothing removed having been the victim of a sexual assault.
9 3 2014 AL After calling a police friend to confess to killing his wife and telling where her body could be found, a man then drove to the cemetery adjoined to the Faith Baptist Church. That is where officers found him sitting in his truck with a fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.
9 2 2014 TN Tasha Thomas had a restraining order in effect against her estranged husband after a pattern of abuse. Though she had gone back many times in the past, this time she filed for divorce. He began to show up at places he knew she would be (including her church).  That Tuesday morning he was in the parking lot of the day care operated by the Christ United Baptist Church where he knew she would be leaving the children. He shot & killed her in the parking lot then killed himself at his home when confronted by police.
8 29 2014 TX A 54-year-old man was severely beaten, his throat cut and left for dead soaking in his own blood behind the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. A passerby saw him and reported it, so responding medics were able to get him to emergency care where he was listed in critical condition. No suspects as of press time.
8 28 2014 CA A 22-year-old man apparently stabbed his own mother to death as she sat behind the wheel in her car at Grace Church. The man then killed himself.
8 27 2014 LA The pastor of the Greater Morning Star Baptist church (a former police officer) was charged with aggravated battery when he shot at two men leaving in a truck after he caught them trying to steal copper from his air-conditioning. One of his shots hit one of the fleeing thieves in the head but did not kill him. If convicted the pastor could face up to 10 years in prison.
8 26 2014 OK Children playing around some abandoned cars that the Calvary Temple Assembly of God keeps in a fenced off area found a dead man in one of the cars. Police later arrested a woman for his stabbing death.
8 25 2014 LA The piano player for The West End COGIC Church lost his temper and choked a 17-year-old he was having an argument with in the church. They took their argument outside where he then pulled a pistol out and threatened the teen with the pistol. The piano player (who plays for multiple churches) was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and other charges.
8 24 2014 OR A 52-year-old man was reported by many to police as he was walking down the street with two guns yelling aimlessly. Police found him in the parking lot of the Heritage Christian Center Church of God where a standoff ensued. He was shot and killed by police when he raised his shotgun towards them. He was carrying two handguns, a shotgun and 232 rounds of ammunition. He was apparently under the influence of meth.
8 20 2014 OR Neighbors close to the Open Door Church heard arguing and a gunshot outside the church. When police arrived they found an uncooperative male with what they believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The wound was not fatal and police never resolved what happened.
8 17 2014 CA A man attacked his wife in their home, then left taking two of their four children (ages 1 & 3) with him. The wife went looking for him and found him sitting in his truck drinking in the parking lot of the First Lutheran Church. When she approached the truck he jumped out and stabbed her several times with a knife. She will live, he was arrested, the children were taken to a shelter.
8 17 2014 PA Someone shot through the front doors of the Faith Church with a handgun(s). Though 30 empty 9mm and .357 Mag. casings were found in the parking lot, only two bullet holes were in the doors.
8 14 2014 FL 55-year-old Bill Davitte along with his wife went to their Marvin United Methodist Church late that Thursday evening as volunteers to turn on the irrigation system. His wife was sitting in the car when a 21-year-old man (who had 7 prior arrests since 2011) surprised her and began to beat her with a handgun. As Bill heard her screams and ran to rescue her, the reprobate shot and killed him, then stole their vehicle.
8 3 2014 WI Following Sunday morning mass, police were called to the St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church. A man had barricaded himself in his truck with a gun and was threatening suicide in the parking lot. An officer was able to talk the man into laying down his firearm, and he was transported for mental evaluation.
8 3 2014 CO While inside Longs Peak Church a man’s pickup was shot multiple times with a 9mm handgun. A 27-year-old male suspect was arrested 2 months later.
8 2 2014 MI Around 4:00 PM a man and his wife got into an argument behind the Reformed Church in America Headquarters building. That is where police found the woman suffering from a non life-threatening gunshot wound, and they found the man in front of the building with a serious self-inflicted gunshot wound. 
7 29 2014 FL A man was found unresponsive that Tuesday afternoon outside of the Mount Zion Church. First responders arrived but the man had expired. Police commented only that he was the victim of a criminal act.
7 28 2014 TN As a 19-year-old boy was walking with a friend in front of the Olivet Baptist Church, a car came to a stop by them. A man jumped out and demanded money. The boys ran, but one of them was gunned down. He is expected to survive.
7 25 2014 PA 34-year-old Keisha Williams and her three children (15-year-old daughter, and sons 7 and 10) often sold fruit at a vacant lot they were helping to turn into a playground for their church with the money raised from their fruit stand. On that Friday, two thugs had carjacked a Toyota four-runner a mile away and raped the vehicle’s driver as they drove it around. They lost control of the vehicle at the point where the family was raising money for the church, hitting and killing all 4 members of the family.
7 22 2014 KY A man kidnapped a woman at her home then forced her to drive him to the First Missionary Baptist Church. From the church he continued to hold her at gunpoint, forcing her to call her own mother to deliver money to the church in exchange for her freedom. Her mother did as ordered, but a neighbor picked up the money before the kidnapper could get to it. The kidnapper got away and the victim was released.
7 21 2014 CO A 29-year-old soldier apparantly put a gun to his own head in the parking lot of the Valley Christian Church. His body was found that Monday evening.
7 14 2014 PA The Amir and the Imam of the Al-Masjid Ur-Razzaq Ul-Karim mosque approached a 46-year-old man and accused him of stealing money after the 04:00 AM Monday prayers. They dragged the 46-year-old victim to the back yard of the mosque and began attempting to hack his hand off (in accordance with Sharia Law) with a dull 24” machete. The victim got away and will survive, but his wrist was severely cut requiring reconstructive surgery. The Imam was still evading arrest as of press time.
7 13 2014 MI When a mentally ill man attempted to enter the Citadel of Praise Church with an ax, an off-duty police officer tried to talk him down and away (and kept him outside). The man became agitated and attacked the officer with the ax in front of the church. The officer and another responding duty officer both fired on the suspect who was hospitalized but expected to survive.
7 12 2014 OH Police from 3 agencies were called to a shots fired call at the 40th annual Sacred Heart of Jesus Church festival. As police arrived, crowds dispersed but evidence confirmed that at least one shot had been fired. 
7 12 2014 MS Upon investigation of bullet holes at the Faith Outreach Church, police believe they occurred on Saturday night. No suspects have been named but the damage level was a felony.
7 10 2014 NC When the pastor of the Selvia Chapel Free Will Baptist Church came into the church just after 8:00 PM that Thursday, he caught a burglar in the act. The burglar threw a hammer at the pastor then escaped but was caught a short time later. He was booked with multiple charges including assault with a deadly weapon.
7 10 2014 IL As Bishop James Duke and Deacon Edgar Horton were preparing for the 7:00 PM Thursday night bible study, 2-3 men (reports varied) rushed into the Liberty Christian Center. One of the men held a pistol to the pastor’s head as the other(s) collected valuables.
7 9 2014 PA A 9-year-old boy was grabbed by a man who covered his mouth and led him to a car parked in the St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church parking lot. The child was able to break away and flee the man at the vehicle. Police never located the kidnapper.
7 8 2014 OK A man argued with another man in the parking lot of the Boston Avenue Baptist Church, and was stabbed in the argument. As the attacker walked away he began to proclaim he was going to commit suicide, so another man tried to talk him out of it. He too was stabbed. Officers arrived and shot the attacker as he continued his rants while advancing on the officers with the knife drawn.
7 8 2014 KY An 11-year-old girl was shot in the arm while in the parking lot of the Magnolia Street Christian Church. Police were not able to find the shooter but said it was no accident.
7 7 2014 TX A 43-year-old man pulled his car into the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship parking lot shortly after 06:00 that Monday morning. A church member began talking to him and noticed he was bleeding. The parishioner went inside to call 911 and the man followed him. The man lunged at others who tried to help, then collapsed and died. He had been stabbed.
7 4 2014 ME An unknown person (s) rigged a bomb into the building mounted mailbox of the First Baptist Church. They detonated it leaving a hole in the wall and shrapnel marks under the church porch overhang. Neighbors heard it but just assumed it was fireworks. 
6 29 2014 WI As Kevin Nichols (a church organist) was locking up All Saints Anglican Catholic Church around 4:00 PM that Sunday, he was hit over the head from behind. 2 people held him against he wall and took nearly $1,000 in valuables from him.
6 28 2014 NY A 30-year-old homeless man was arrested for killing 65-year-old Thomas Lamartina outside the  Emanuel Lutheran Church. Lamartina, a homeless man as well, was a regular at the church soup kitchen charity. He had been beaten in the head with a paving stone.
6 28 2014 NY A 44-year-pld man entered the Saturday afternoon Mass at St Mary's Church and began shouting obscenities and throwing things at parishioners as he approached the priest. Several parishioners subdued the violent man and disarmed him of his .45 handgun. During the restraint the man became unresponsive and never recovered. An autopsy concluded his death was the result of heart arrhythmia brought on by an acute stress reaction, with acute alcohol intoxication. Local authorities will not assemble a grand jury and no charges will be filed against the parishioners who subdued him.
6 22 2014 NC A 29-year-old marine punched and body slammed two 7-year-old boys outside the Northwoods United Methodist Church. One of the boys he then punched in the head causing a deep head wound and concussion. The attacker was charged with assault inflicting serious bodily injury and assault with a deadly weapon.
6 20 2014 CA A gang member was gunned down and killed by other gang members in the front of the Good Shepherd Baptist Church. The shooting occurred around 1:50 that Friday AM.
6 19 2014 NY As documented from a Saint Nicholas of Tolentine Church video camera, a 41-year-old homeless man was sleeping on the church porch right up against the front doors around 11:00 PM that Thursday evening. 3 suspects walked up to him and surrounded him, then began kicking and stomping his head. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition with brain injuries and died 9 days later.
6 16 2014 GA When police arrived due to reports of an armed bank robbery, their search led them to the suspect hiding behind the Methodist Church. A fight erupted between the police and the suspect and police were forced to shoot and kill the robber on the church grounds.
6 15 2014 TX A well-known former NFL player showed up at the Word of Truth Church with a loaded gun on his hip and speaking erratically and seeming to be under some sort of influence. Church members who were scared by his actions called police and he was apprehended after leaving the church and sent to a hospital for mental evaluation.
6 13 2014 NY Police were already on site a funeral for a known gang member was being conducted at the Peoples AME Zion Church. After spotting another gang member who had been reported as carrying a gun, police tackled him on the lawn of the church. The gang member (with a felony record) readily admitted that his loaded .38 and rubber gloves were for use at the service.
6 13 2014 FL As a lady was leaving the First United Methodist Church, coming across the parking lot to her car a stranger approached her. It was 09:45 on a Friday morning when he pulled a knife on her and demanded her purse. He forced her on the ground, made her get under her own car, then left in another vehicle parked nearby.
6 11 2014 MO While her parents were attending Wednesday evening services inside the LDS Church, a 9-year-old girl was playing on the church lawn. A man wearing what authorities believe was a ski-mask walked up to her and offered her $20.00 to come with him. The girl ran into the church and alerted others. The man has not been caught.
6 11 2014 AZ Rev. Kenneth Walker (29) and Rev. Joseph Terra (56) were priests at the Mother of Mercy Mission Catholic Church. That Wednesday night Terra went to see what had caused noises in the church courtyard and encountered an intruder. Terra was beaten and his .357 wrestled away from him. The degenerate beat him to the point of needing intensive care then used Terra’s gun to kill Rev. Walker. The attacker had a long list of felonies & had been recently released from prison.
6 8 2014 SC A 26-year-old man allegedly accompanied his sister to meet her ex-boyfriend at the Bakers Chapel Missionary Baptist Church because he was concerned for her safety. The 10:00 PM parking lot meeting turned violent when the ex stabbed her brother in the chest and arm, but he will survive.
6 5 2014 WA Seattle Pacific University (a Free Methodist founded Christian University) was the site of an intended mass murder stopped short by a quick thinking student. When the killer’s shotgun ran out of shells and before he could reload, student Jon Meis hit him with pepper spray, disarmed him, then pinned him down with the help of another student. The coward killer was intentionally off his prescribed mental medications because he “wanted to feel the hate”. His journal included satanic symbols and he had been on a tour of the Christian university earlier. A 19-year-old was killed and 2 others were injured.
6 3 2014 KS A pipe bomb was found at the Seventh Day Adventist Church. A fuse on the device evidenced a lighting attempt had occurred but failed. It was later detonated by law enforcement.
6 1 2014 NY A wedding reception at Holy Spirit Catholic Church turned into a crime scene quickly when two cousins got into an argument over a sterno can. One of the cousins stabbed the other in the leg, striking the femoral artery and killing him.
5 30 2014 AL 3 young men agreed to meet a drug dealer in the parking lot of the Bethany Baptist Church to buy marijuana. Instead of getting their drugs, 5 men approached them with guns taking their cash, cell phones and vehicle.
5 27 2014 MD After arguing in front of the New Union Baptist Church with 25-year-old Latoya Skipwith, a 28-year-old woman wielded a knife at Skpwith, then got into her car and intentionally drove into the crowd Skipwith was standing with. The impact threw Skipwith and 2-year-old Joshua Carter into the church stairway killing them both and critically injuring a 7-year-old boy. The killer was out on bail for attacking a 12-year-old girl previously.
5 25 2014 GA A drunk with his feelings hurt over not being invited to a church picnic pulled put a pistol and began shooting, wounding three at the picnic crowd of 300. When his shooting stalled, a rodeo cowboy there for the event lassoed the shooter who was held until law enforcement arrived.
5 21 2014 LA A 32-year-old male and a 21-year-old female (each with lengthy criminal records) were arrested for killing 24-year-old Rodney Johnson behind the New Divine Outreach Ministry. Johnson was led there by the female, then the victim was shot and killed on the back lawn of the church around 1:45 on a Wednesday afternoon.
5 18 2014 FL As a family was unloading tables and chairs into the Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church, they left the keys in the ignition and their 10-month-old baby girl in the car seat. As they were inside the church, two teens jumped in the vehicle and stole it with the baby inside. The baby was dropped off at a random house a few minutes later and the homeowner called police. A 14-year-old juvenile was later arrested.
5 18 2014 MA Police responded to the People’s Baptist Church on a report of shots fired. Upon arrival early that Sunday morning they found a 20-year-old male victim laying on the church grounds with gunshot wounds. The young man died in the hospital.
5 18 2014 VA A vehicle chase with a man fleeing Virginia State Police ended around 3:00 PM that Sunday. When the vehicle was finally stopped in the parking lot of the Ingram Village United Methodist Church, the driver exited and pointed a weapon at the state troopers. The man was shot and killed by law enforcement at that time.
5 15 2014 MO A man was sitting in his car in the Oak Grove Baptist Church parking lot awaiting his passenger who was attending a funeral inside. An unknown assailant came up to his car and shot 9 times, hitting the victim with some of the shots. The victim tried to get into the church but collapsed outside from serious injuries. He is expected to survive, and no suspects had been arrested.
5 14 2014 UT A man pulled his vehicle up to two boys in the parking lot of the LDS church (where they had just attended a cub-scouts meeting) telling them that their parents had asked him to pick them up. They asked him to confirm with a pre-arranged password they had worked out with their parents. When he didn’t know it the boys ran away and police tried to find the suspect but were not successful. 
5 12 2014 IA A man attempting to purchase a motorcycle off of Craigslist met the so-called seller at the Des Moines Fellowship Church parking lot. Instead of producing a motorcycle, one of the sellers (a pair of men) produced a handgun and robbed the man. A very similar incident went down 5 days earlier (see 5/7/14 incident) in the same church parking lot.
5 12 2014 FL As he was being investigated by the Diocese regarding parish finances, Father Vladimir Dziadek of the St. Joseph Catholic Church committed suicide. His body was found hanging from a church office stair rail by a maintenance man. The priest had used a leather belt to hang himself. 
5 9 2014 CA Police discovered a male suicide victim hanging in the parking lot of the Christ Lutheran Church. Adjacent schools operated by the church were put on lockdown as police investigated the death.
5 7 2014 IA A man attempting to purchase a motorcycle off of Craigslist met the so-called seller at a gas station, then drove to the Des Moines Fellowship Church parking lot. Instead of producing a motorcycle, the seller produced a weapon and robbed the man. A very similar incident went down 5 days later (see 5/12/14 incident) in the same church parking lot.
5 5 2014 MO The Mercy Seat Baptist Church owns a group of apartments as a community outreach across the parking lot from the main church. 67-year-old Felix McDonald was found dead in his apartment – the victim of a brutal beating and strangulation. His own 33-year-old son has been arrested. A hammer and wire were said to be the murder weapons.
5 4 2014 NJ As a staff member of the St. Anthony of Padua Church was walking the money bag out the same door always used for that purpose (catching a hint here?)  about 1:30 that Sunday afternoon, a man produced a gun, confronted the staff member and demanded the money. The robber took off with the money, but dropped it as he was being chased by several congregation members.
4 28 2014 KS As the victim’s 8-year-old daughter and other children watched, a man chased and shot a woman in the parking lot of the Faith City Church following an argument between the couple. He then took his own life with the gun. The 29-year-old mother died later at the hospital.
4 26 2014 FL As an associate pastor of the First United Methodist Church was in the church that Saturday afternoon about 3:00 with his wife, they encountered a man who had entered the church and was wandering the hallways. The man pulled a knife and demanded money from both of them. They had no money, but the robber got away with two laptops and the pastor’s cell phone. The male culprit was arrested within a week.
4 23 2014 OH As congregants were inside St. Paul's Lutheran Church, police found a soda bomb beside their cars. The church was evacuated and police conducted a car by car exit out of the area. This was the 14th such bomb discovered in the area this year.
4 22 2014 NJ Pastor John Harris of the Galilee Baptist Church was just getting to his sermon at a funeral for a 19-year-old when gunfire erupted turning the church into chaos as 1100 people scrambled for cover. 3 people were injured, but nobody died. Police recovered 1 firearm from inside the church, 1 outside and 3 from the arrested fleeing suspect.
4 21 2014 IL St. Mary’s Church operates a school on their property. Nina Castor, 42, was picking up her children when she was shot to death by her estranged husband in the parking lot between the church and school. The children watched it happen. The reprobate shot and killed himself at his home as soon as he was confronted by police.
4 20 2014 OR Life Restoration Church holds services in an elementary school rented to them on weekends. After the Easter service two women got into a fight over a man. One of the women produced a razor blade and cut the other leaving a significant injury which resulted in hospital treatment and an arrest.
4 20 2014 TN After arguing all the way to church about the wife’s driving skills, a couple continued their argument after the Easter service at the First Baptist Church of St. Bethlehem. The wife got into the car, and tried to run over her husband who escaped injury by jumping behind trees beside the church parking lot.
4 19 2014 PA Within an hour after children left the Bethel Apostolic Church Easter egg hunt, shots rang out on the church grounds. It appears as though several local teens had gotten into an altercation and guns came out. The pastor was alone at the church when the shooting happened.
4 18 2014 NC When police responded to a “shots fired” call at the Blackwell Memorial Baptist Church, they discovered 11 fired 9mm cartridges behind the church. Witnesses said 3 males had been standing in the church parking lot. When a vehicle drove by, one of them began chasing it and shooting. No arrests have been made.
4 16 2014 MD It was about 10:00 PM that Wednesday night when the son of the priest and his friend came out of the Transfiguration of our Lord Russian Orthodox Church. They had been preparing for the Easter service inside. As soon as they were outside, six armed thugs pulled guns on them and robbed them.
4 14 2014 TX 16-year-old H’Racio Allen was found that Monday morning shot to death on the sidewalk behind the Brentwood Baptist Church. He was shot twice in the head and once in the neck in what appears to be a gang-related hit.
4 13 2014 KS Thinking in error that he was killing Jews associated with the Jewish Community Center (which went into lockdown as the killings outside began) a well-known neo-Nazi puppet killed 2 Methodists and a Catholic outside the center and at a nearby home for the elderly. When the moron was arrested he began to yell, “Heil Hitler”.
4 11 2014 NC The senior pastor of the Community Bible Church committed suicide in his home by hanging himself. 
4 10 2014 WI A 22-year-old man with a history of mental issues including telling his family he wanted police to kill him stole a beef stick and soda from a gas station. He brandished a firearm when officers arrived and they followed him to the Sacred Heart Church. Outside the church he pointed his handgun at officers who fired 8 times, striking him 4 of those times. He will survive. His firearm was an airsoft with the orange markings filed away.
4 6 2014 CO At the Faith Baptist church, a 15-year-old boy got into an altercation with his 17-year-old brother after the evening service they had just attended. The younger brother stabbed the older twice in the church parking lot.
4 1 2014 OR A man shot himself in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church. It occurred about 1:30 PM on that Tuesday afternoon. The unidentified man was in emergency care as of last report.
3 27 2014 NY A newborn baby was found in a box on the doorstep of the St. Francis of Assisi Church. An autopsy confirmed the baby had been smothered to death.
3 25 2014 PA As 36-year-old Jamarow Trowery and 18-year-old Rashad Freeman were driving past the Radiant Life Alliance Church, neighbors heard gunshots. The vehicle drifted into the side of the church and came to a stop. Both men were found dead and a pistol lay in the back seat. No leads on the killer had been made public as of press time.
3 25 2014 KY On that Sunday afternoon, the First Baptist Church was mostly empty and even locked when someone began knocking on the door. The church treasurer went to the door where a man was claiming he had lost his cell phone in the earlier service (which investigators learned he had sat through). After helping him look for it, the treasurer thought the man had left, but was approached inside later by the same man holding a gun and demanding money. After getting no money, he forced the treasurer into the restroom and made him lay on the floor as the robber left.
3 16 2014 TN A 23-year-old woman drove her car through the front doors of Providence Church. When her husband came in to see what was wrong (they lived across the street) she stabbed him in the chest with a knife. He will survive.
3 14 2014 OH 15-year-old Davone Wright was attending a teen meeting at the Word of Righteousness Family Life Center when word began to spread that one of the guests had a gun. As Davone ran across the parking lot shots were fired one of which struck him in the head. He died the following Sunday.
3 11 2014 MI Someone set off multiple homemade soda bottle bombs in the parking lot of a church. Three went off and a 4th was found undetonated. Neighbors reported gun shots but police feel it was the soda bombs exploding.
3 6 2014 PA After killing another man over an issue with his wife, the distraught husband sent a photo of the victim and a text to his wife. Then he drove himself to the First Baptist Church, got out of his truck and walked around to the side of the church where he shot and killed himself.
2 28 2014 DC As a Children’s service was occurring inside the Antioch Baptist Church, gunfire erupted outside. Two brothers (Khalid and Jason Bryant) were killed in the shooting in front of the church. Worshippers were taken out the back of the church by police so the children would not have to view the scene.
2 27 2014 FL When a driver for St. Matthew’s House texted in a bomb threat to the ministry, co-workers recognized his cell phone number. The call was a hoax, but the caller was arrested. Fellow employees were surprised, and the perpetrator had been a good employee until that point.
2 26 2014 NC As 25-year-old Kourtney Krista Dawson was walking past the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, a robbery was going on nearby. The robbery victim escaped in his car, but the robber fired multiple shots at the car striking Ms. Dawson instead and she died of her wounds. The killer was arrested.
2 19 2014 AL When the pastor of New Hope Baptist Church arrived to prepare for the Wednesday evening service he found a young man dead of gun-shot wounds on the church grounds. 3 men were arrested for the murder which police are calling drug related. 2 of the 3 men were out on bail for a previous murder, and for one of those men this is the 5th murder he has been connected to.
2 5 2014 GA Police were following 27 year-old Nicholas Wade who was wanted for the beating death of a toddler when he pulled his vehicle into the parking lot of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Wade held his sawed off shotgun to his own chin, then aimed it at the police officers who fired striking him multiple times but not killing him. Wade fired once in the incident but never hit anyone.
2 2 2014 TN A 65-year-old ex husband of a woman showed up around 09:00 as the woman and her sister were preparing for the Double Springs Community Church Sunday services. An altercation ensued, and the woman’s 61-year-old sister (Etta Medley) was shot in the abdomen. She later died from her wounds, and the killer fatally shot himself in the church basement.
1 28 2014 CA 28-year-old Alexander Basham had allegedly been on a meth binge for three days when he wound up at the New Hope Community Church that Tuesday afternoon. He tried to set the cross on fire, then started throwing Molotov Cocktails at the church. 
1 27 2014 PA A woman was found dead in her vehicle in the parking lot of the Beulah United Methodist Church. She had died of a gunshot wound but no other information was ever released.
1 27 2014 NC As several neighborhood boys played basketball behind the sanctuary of Word Tabernacle Church, a lone 17-year kid sprayed the group with gunfire. 3 young men (13, 17 & 19 years old) were treated and released for injuries in the attack. The church pastor held 12-year-old Nyreek Horne in his arms awaiting paramedics after the young man was shot through his head. The shooter is in jail. Horne still needs prayer as he continues to prove the doctors wrong. Pray for this strong little man!
1 26 2014 CT A 38-year-old Russian born man lit a Molotov cocktail inside the Evangelical Christian Church. It was during the Sunday AM service when he lit the device inside the bathroom. The fire was put out and the man was arrested.
1 21 2014 MO An unidentified man’s body was found on the property line between the Nazarene Church and a neighboring business in trees rarely looked at by either property owner. The man appeared to have been dead for months according to crime scene investigators.
1 17 2014 CA An argument inside a church during a funeral got violent, and poured outside. Shots were fired as the crowd ran, but nobody appeared to have been hit (at least no-body reported being shot). Cars in the parking lot were hit, and at least one shooter continued shooting as he fled in a vehicle.
1 14 2014 IO Police were called to the First Presbyterian Church on calls that a man was breaking windows in doors with a samurai sword. By the time police arrived, the man had made it inside the church and was confronting the pastor. The man was arrested.
1 13 2014 NJ A 29-year-old man punched a woman he didn’t even know in the parking lot of the Cho Dae Church, then jumped into his car. When 2 other people from the church rushed to her aid, the attacker tried to hit them with his car as he sped away. 
1 12 2014 TX Two men were sitting in the back pew of the Sherwood Baptist Church during the service. When everyone bowed to pray, they jumped up and snatched a purse from an elderly woman’s walker nearby. The pair ran out of the church, but were chased and held by a volunteer outside patrol team even though one of the men pulled a knife. They were assisted by about 20 pursuing Baptists. 
1 12 2014 FL 27-year-old Carey M. Bordelon was found dead in the back seat of her car parked  at the First Baptist Church. Her death appears to be a suicide.
1 12 2014 CA A man had been seen loitering around the West Angeles Church of God for an hour. A church security team member approached the man, and an argument developed. The argument turned violent and the guard was stabbed but will survive. While no motive was released and arrest was made.
1 11 2014 OK The Seventh day Adventist assistant pastor discovered a woman had broken into the church, and had a knife so he called police. When officers arrived, the woman was stabbing a wall with the knife and refused to follow their demands. A tazer resulted in compliance.
1 11 2014 NC A man set his own home on fire around 2:30 that Saturday AM, then drove to St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church where he crashed his car into the front doors. He then set the sanctuary on fire, went back out into the parking lot and shot himself in the head with a 12 gauge shotgun.
1 9 2014 FL A man admitting to having drugs in his system was sitting in his car in the parking lot of a church repeating a yell that he was there to, “take the blood of sinners and give it to Jesus!” He remained belligerent and combative as officers arrived who found a loaded .32 Auto, and arrested the man.
1 9 2014 KS Few details are available after shots were heard in a new parking lot being put in by the Fellowship Bible Church. As people came across the street from the church, they found one man lying in the parking lot with a gunshot wound to his head and some of their signs had been shot.
1 5 2014 NJ Two men were shot multiple times outside the 2nd Baptist Church. No further information has come out regarding the case. 
1 4 2014 DE As a 26-year-old lady was getting out of her car to go into the Holly Oak Calvary United Methodist Church, a man approached. He brandished a handgun and demanded money and property from her that Friday night. She refused and the robber ran off and has not been caught.
1 4 2014 GA Rev. Otis Byrd Sr., Pastor of God’s Anointed Missionary Baptist Church was found stabbed to death in his home. No suspects have been named as of press time.
1 1 2014 CA Police and an area security guard had encountered the same man several times on New Year’s Eve and in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day. At least two of those encounters were at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. After being told to leave the church, the man evidently stayed around in the dark. He then entered the rectory through a window, and beat the Rev. Eric Freed to death with a wooden stake and a gutter pipe. After killing him, he wrapped the body in a blanket, doused it with 80 proof liquor and tried (unsuccessfully) to set it all on fire. He then left a gas valve open and a lit cigar burning on the floor to attempt (unsuccessfully) and explosion.
12 30 2013 CA 3 teenagers made arrangements over the internet to meet sellers in the parking lot of the Christian Life Center to buy a pair of shoes. When they got there, two young men pulled guns on them robbing them of all their cash.
12 27 2013 TX An explosion (opinions vary from a small explosion likely set off by kids, to a major explosion) in the parking lot of the Lindale Church of Christ. Witnesses reported those who detonated the devise left quickly in a van. Police have no suspects.
12 23 2013 IN 18-year-old Devonte Patrick was shot and killed in the parking lot of the Prairie Street Mennonite Church about 2:45 that Monday afternoon. Police were unable to connect anyone with the killing as of press time, but do not believe it was a random killing.
12 20 2013 PA A man was stabbed outside of the First Presbyterian Church. It appears as though he will survive.
12 17 2013 ND As youngsters were rehearsing for a Christmas event at the Hope Evangelical Covenant Church, a 21-year-old relative of a church staffer came in and displayed scissors like a knife as he talked of suicide and needing help. He had also posted a suicide note on the internet. The young man has been admitted to a mental health facility, while the pastor denies there was anything serious. 
12 13 2013 PA As 85-year-old Sister Mary Morgan was walking across the parking lot of the St. Titus Church around 11:30 that Friday AM, an 18-year-old male walked up behind her. He asked if she needed help. She thanked him, but said no. At that point he exposed himself to her and she began to walk away. Then he attacked and raped her so violently she went into the hospital with a broken jaw. 
12 11 2013 WA A 19-Year-Old male told authorities he was suicidal and angry at God when he attacked the Life Center Church. Fortunately, nobody was in the church when he intentionally raced his car at the church smashing through the outside wall, plowing through the stage and ending up in the pews. 
12 11 2013 CT A 47-year-old man became upset that his girlfriend was in the process of filing a restraining order. So he called her saying he was going to force police to kill him so it would be on the 5:00 news in order to smear her name. Police found him at the Holy Trinity Church, and were able to talk him down without killing him.  
12 8 2013 FL A 23-year-old male had just been released from prison when he sexually attacked an ex - girlfriend, then killed her twin sister. After these crimes he drove to the Grace Episcopal Church and committed suicide in their parking lot.
12 8 2013 MI The pastor of a local church tossed a Molotov cocktail he found on the church grounds into a trash can and went ahead with his service, not calling law enforcement until 2 hours later (after he was done preaching). When police arrived they found another one close to the church. I understand why he doesn’t want anyone to know the name of his church. The suspect is a 39-year-old man who has made threats against the church.
12 6 2013 IN A drug deal went bad at the Ebenezer Church about 2:13 AM. 17-year-old Devan Burris was shot and killed with a .410 shotgun. 4 young men – aged 14 through 19 have been charged in connection with the murder.
12 4 2013 WI As a 68-year-old man was opening up St. Gabriel's Church about 6:15 AM, he was attacked by a 44-year-old-man. The attacker hit the older man twice with a golf club and then struck his car several more times. Police arrested the perpetrator who then punched a jailer so hard the jailer was taken to the hospital.
11 29 2013 LA 38-year-old Dion Richard was gunned down and killed in front of the Genesis Missionary Baptist Church. Richard lived nearby and was in front of the church about 8:00 that Friday night when an unknown attacker shot him multiple times in the chest and back.
11 28 2013 LA 23-year-old Ramal Ellis was the Worship leader of the Fifth African Baptist Church, and quite involved in community outreach. His body was found riddled with bullets behind his church. No suspects had been named as of press time.
11 26 2013 OR A garbage collection man found a pipe bomb next to the trash cans in the parking lot of the Montavilla United Methodist Church. A metro bomb squad used a robot to detonate the device, but no suspects have been named.
11 26 2013 MD A 56-year-old frequent charity recipient had a long arrest record. On that Tuesday morning, he bought some gasoline at a Shell station close to the St. Paul’s By The Sea Episcopal Church. 30 minutes before the church charitable food bank was to begin, he poured the gasoline all over his body, then set himself on fire and ran into the rectory. While on fire he grabbed female volunteer Dana Truitt, telling her, “you’re not going anywhere”. Truitt said, “watch me” – then forced her way out of his burning grip and escaped. Truitt was severely burned but will survive. The attacker died as did Pastor David Dingwall who succumbed to smoke inhalation while trying to save his computer in the fire. Truitt had dealt with the offender many times through the years, seeing him often as pleasant and other times being drunk and unpleasant. 
11 24 2013 CO Concern over a man with a gun at an Aurora theater caused police to respond. Once there, they encountered a man who ran from them. They caught up with him at St. Paul Presbyterian Church, where he shot himself.
11 19 2013 TX As a deacon who is also a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy went outside the Living Word Faith Center, he saw a man breaking into cars. When the man reached into his own vehicle for something, the off-duty deputy feared for his life and fired several rounds. The offender got away and it does not appear that he was hit by any of the bullets.
11 19 2013 NV A 26-year-old BYU graduate shot and killed himself in the courtyard of the Mormon temple. He had battled depression for many years. Services were in session inside the building as he shot himself.
11 19 2013 NC A 56 year-old man was driving a friend when the two got into an argument. They pulled over in the first parking lot they could find – that of the Buelah Baptist Church -- to slug it out. The offender picked up a wooden club and began to beat the victim with it. The victim had to be airlifted to a hospital and the offender was charged with attempted murder.
11 18 2013 CA Two armed men robbed a man some distance from St. Benedict's church. As police responded, one of the men ran into the church, while another went into a nearby housing development where he took a hostage (who was later released).  The armed criminal who escaped through the church has never been caught.
11 17 2013 WA Two as-yet unidentified men walked into the downtown Christ the King Community Church at 6:00 PM as the evening service was about to start. Producing a gun, they demanded cash from the folks already there. When discovering there was no cash, they took laptop computers and fled. 
11 16 2013 MI At a regularly scheduled free Saturday AM community breakfast at the First Congregational Church a woman became enraged. She began to proclaim she was going to kill somebody. She left the church, and was stopped by an officer whom she attacked with a fork as soon as he began to speak to her. 
11 14 2013 MN 90-year-old Howard Kidder was preparing to go into the Mounds Park United Methodist Church (where he has attended for 78 years) when he was stopped by a masked man outside. Kidder believes it was a teenager under the “scream” mask, but took it serious when the youth brandished a handgun. Kidder did the right thing by throwing his full wallet on the ground for the robber who has not been caught.
11 11 2013 SC As people were attending an anger management class in the Second Presbyterian Church that Monday night, a pair of gunmen came into the church. They demanded cash from the group and got away with about $500.00. 
11 10 2013 IL A strange woman appeared at the First Presbyterian Church posing as the mother of 2 of the children wanting to take them. A ministry worker knew she wasn’t the mother and resisted, telling her the children were busy. The woman left in anger, and police are stepping up patrols after the attempted abduction.
11 9 2013 VA A mother at the Thalia United Methodist Church flea market noticed her 6-year-old had wondered off that Saturday AM. Then she spotted the child being led away by a stranger. 52-year-old Ruben Torres (a registered sex offender) was arrested and charged with abduction by force and DUI.
11 9 2013 MO 26-year-old Brad White had been told not to come to the Christian Schools of Springfield (associated with the Baptist Temple). He also has a court order not to have unsupervised contact with his children who attend there. But he showed up and punched a staffer in the face when told he had to leave. Security quickly pulled him off the staffer, but then he pulled a pistol and started shouting, “I’ll kill all of you – I’ll shoot” as he was backing out of the school. He never fired and has been arrested.
11 3 2013 SC Ryan O’Neil Sumpter has been charged with attempted murder after shooting at another man in the parking lot of a church.
11 2 2013 ND 54-year-old Billy Varner burst through a back door with a pump shotgun about 7 PM as homily was starting at St. Joseph Catholic church and ordered the 35 parishioners to the ground. After the priest handed him a bag with the money, the robber ran from the church with some parishioners chasing him. When he was arrested, authorities discovered he was wanted for questioning in the Chicago area for the recent deaths of his girlfriend and mother, and has now been charged with those murders.
10 24 2013 TN 1 man was killed and 2 others seriously wounded in a car sitting outside the Greater Community Temple Church. No suspects for the shooting as of press time.
10 23 2013 NJ A shootout outside of a church had church members diving for cover and crawling across the floor as some of the bullets hit the church. When it was over one man involved in the shootout outside was dead and a woman in serious condition.
10 21 2013 WA 33-year-old Kent Richardson was homeless and attempting to steal gas out of a vehicle in the parking lot of the Peoples Church. Another homeless man with a lengthy criminal history (first-degree escape, violation of a Superior Court sentence, violation of a domestic violence court order and false reporting – all this year and assaults dating back to 2007) attacked him, stabbing him in the chest with a knife. The attacker’s girlfriend was also implicated by hiding the weapon.
10 20 2013 OH Police Chief Jarrod Campbell said he has rarely seen “an incident this brutal” in telling of an attack on the Bridge Community Church pastor. 28-year-old James Maxie sat through the service, but erupted afterwards when Pastor Norman Hayes (57) began to question Maxie’s girlfriend if she felt safe with Maxie. Maxie – a self-described militant atheist -- exploded and began to brutally beat the pastor with his fists. Typical for abusers, Maxie later expressed how sorry he was.
10 19 2013 GA After police responded to reports of gunfire, they found Audie Walker Murphy dead behind the New Covenant Holiness Church. A 20-year-old male killer was arrested in December
10 19 2013 CO As members of the Vanguard Church arrived at Sunday morning services, they came into a scene of crime tape and police activity as 25-year-old Carlos Eduardo Zuasnabar had been found dead in the church parking lot at about 5:00 that morning. The victim was stabbed to death, and no attacker has been named as yet.
10 19 2013 NC As members of the Serbian Orthodox Church were decorating their property for an annual event, 52-year-old Dravko Gligoric verbally attacked one of the women. When other church members came to her aid, the man became violent and began to attack all of them. They retreated into the church, but he kicked the door down yelling he was going to kill them as he attacked with fists, a hammer and biting. 6 men jumped on him and held him for police.
10 14 2013 WV Former Administrative Law Judge David Daugherty was under a congressional investigation which it appears he attempted to avoid by suicide. A church worker found him the church parking lot unconscious with a garden hose from his exhaust pipe into the car, and called 911. Authorities used the church defibrillator in the treatment of Daugherty.
10 12 2013 NC Pat Chisenhall is the founder and pastor of Abundant Life Worship Center. His estranged son-in-law (Christian Lamar Griggs whom they had a restraining order against) came to the pastors home(where Grigg’s ex-wife was back living) in anger late that Saturday AM, and the Chisenhalls called 911. 6 minutes after the original call, 911 received another call saying pastor Chisenhall had needed to shoot and kill the attacker. 
10 10 2013 MO As an 83-year-old nun was entering the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church at 5:45 AM, a man pulled a screwdriver and forced her into the church. Once inside the robber pushed her to the ground and took her purse.
10 5 2013 NY A 60-year-old man met a woman named Ashley at a bar, then took her to another bar. She then asked him to take her to the parking lot of the Transfiguration Church to pick up her girlfriend. When he pulled into the church parking  lot about 2:00 AM, two men jerked his door open, then they and the woman beat and robbed him, leaving him bleeding on the parking lot until he was discovered the next morning.
10 4 2013 TX When a CCH holder went to investigate a security alarm at the Texas Oaks Baptist Church, he found a vehicle sitting by a storage shed. Then 35-year-old Jesse Silva appeared from the building. The guard ordered him to stop, warning he was armed. Silva instead jumped in his vehicle and allegedly tried to run the guard over. The guard fired multiple times, striking Silva (who escaped) at least once. Silva was later dropped off at a hospital where he was arrested.
10 2 2013 GA As a funeral was concluding at the Concord Methodist Church for his mother, 53 year-old Jack Aycock was shot by his former mother-in-law (Helen Cason). After singing together in the church, Cason just walked up to him outside and shot him in the chest. Aycock will survive. Cason has been arrested for attempted murder. Cason’s husband said the attack was related to her dementia, authorities say it is a long-running family feud. It could be both.
10 1 2013 MD Police are looking for any information related to an attempted murder in the parking lot of the Redeemer Lutheran Church where a man who jumped out of a Van was then intentionally ran over.
9 28 2013 TX The Stonebridge Church has a popular wooded area developed into a disk golf recreational area open to the public. On this date the body of Micaela C. Hernandez-Juarez was found. Her husband, Uriel David Juarez was arrested and charged with her murder. Police have discovered the couple went to play Disk Golf at the church recreational area, became engaged in an argument that turned violent and resulted in him killing her some days before the body was discovered.
9 27 2013 NY Duane E. Dalton. Michael Rodriguez, and Daniel Bernardi, (ages 21 through 31) were arrested after the 9:00 PM robbery of Our Lady of Charity Catholic Church. The three had forced Monsignor David Lee to open the church safe at knifepoint. Before leaving with their loot, they tied the monsignor up, but he was otherwise unhurt. 
9 27 2013 TN Warren Smith was arrested for a violent assault on a woman behind the Broadmoor Baptist Church. The lady was able to identify him in a lineup after he attacked her behind the church -- beating , kicking and choking her as he raped her. When he was done he threatened her life if she went to the police.
9 27 2013 LA Woodrow Karey Jr., (53) walked into his former home church (Tabernacle of Praise) about 8:15 that Friday evening as Pastor Ronald J. Harris Sr. was singing with his congregants. He was carrying a shotgun and a .22 pistol. He fired the shotgun at the pastor as he walked up the aisle, but missed. As people began to scramble he shot the pastor in the back, then walked up to him and shot him again at close range, then stood over him till he died. Karey turned himself in. Karey’s wife had filed rape charges against the pastor on Wednesday prior to the shooting.
9 26 2013 VA Police responding to reports of gunshots found a bullet hole through a glass door and into an inside wall of the New Central Baptist Church. Police found two men suffering from non-life threatening gunshot wounds in the nearby area. It appears that the bullet striking the church was incidental to the gunfight which took place somewhere else. 
9 26 2013 FL An employee of the St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School went into the school around 6:00 AM to kill himself. Another employee called police, and the man shot himself in the chest and in his face as police arrived.
9 24 2013 PA A 14-year-old girl with autism was approached by a man in a green sedan in the parking lot of the Pine Run United Methodist Church. When the man attempted to grab her, she broke free and ran but he gave chase. The girl was able to escape, and police are looking for the man.
9 20 2013 KY 48-year-old Kenneth A. Keith was pastoring the Main Street Baptist Church, but had previously owned a pawn shop in the area. Police believe the pastor returned to the pawnshop that Friday, where he shot and killed the two new owners (a husband / wife pair) and a gold buyer.
9 18 2013 IN As the Kingdom Christian Center drummer leaving the about 2:30 that Wednesday afternoon after practicing, he saw a masked man standing at the back door of the church. When he saw a gun, he turned to run out the front as the gunman fired twice, narrowly missing him. The shooter left and has not been identified. Church members are “shocked and amazed” that such a thing could happen in a church. 
9 17 2013 AL 46-year-old Wesley Mattox was inside the Seventh-day Adventist Church and went out to the parking lot to check on his car. As he walked across the parking lot, his (soon-to-be ex) brother-in-law (42-year-old Anthony Winburn) attacked him with a knife, stabbing him twice. Mattox got the knife away from Windurn and hit him in the head with the knife handle. Both men were taken to hospitals (Winburn by helicopter) and expected to survive.
9 16 2013 NC 69-year-old Claude Burdette was preparing breakfast at about 05:00 AM in the Family Life Center of the Flint Groves Baptist Church. Someone knocked on the back door, and when he opened it he was forced outside by two hooded men with guns. The men demanded his wallet, but it was inside the building (the door had shut and locked behind Burdette). When co-worker Tony Patterson showed up, they forced both men into a vehicle and forced them to withdraw funds from an ATM before eventually releasing them.
9 15 2013 MA An armed and masked man entered the Iglesia Renacimient Misionera (Pentecostal) Church during the service robbing multiple parishioners. The robber -- armed with a handgun -- escaped with an undisclosed amount of valuables from the 20 folks in the service and has not been arrested.
9 14 2013 SC The Legacy Outreach Church was shot 16 times – 3 of the shots inside the sanctuary. The shots were discovered by the Pastor who at first blamed deer hunters, even posting a sign to encourage better aim, even though there were shell casings on the floor.   
9 14 2013 SC A 24-year-old man was viewing the gravesite of his deceased girlfriend at the Episcopal Church of Our Savior cemetery when a man jumped over the fence. As the man approached him, he pulled out a pistol and demanded cash and the cell-phone. 
9 14 2013 RI 47-year-old James Hayes was shot outside of the Iglesia Evangilica Church. When police arrived they found him screaming from pain on the floor of the sanctuary where he had ran to escape the shooter. It seems he will survive.
9 9 2013 WA 55-year-old Michael Edwards was found dead from a severe stabbing attack in the parking lot of the Assembly of God Church he attended.  A pair of18 and a 19-year-old male suspects were later arrested for his murder – the 18-year-old claiming Edwards owed him money.
9 8 2013 TX At least 8 shots were fired in the parking lot of Spring Baptist Church during the funeral of a 17-year-old stabbing victim. Members of “the Brown Pride” gang were allegedly seen inside the sanctuary just before the shots were fired outside. People in the church dived under the pews as the shots rang out, but nobody was hurt.
9 8 2013 AL Two homeless men got into an altercation (not an argument, as both men are deaf and mute) in the kitchen of the Church of the Reconciler. One of the men cut the throat of the other with a box-cutter. The attacker had to be pepper sprayed by responding police in order to arrest him. The injured man will survive.
9 6 2013 NJ Inside the sanctuary of St. Brendan’s Church (one of the oldest churches in the Bronx) a man attempted suicide by shooting himself in the chest. The man will survive, and the church re-consecrated their sanctuary. 
9 2 2013 NC Ayana Kenyatta Taylor began to act dangerous in the parking lot of the Campground United Methodist church, and those around her called police. When police arrived she was wielding a hammer. In the fight that resulted, she was hit by a tazer, continued to fight, tried to stab the police with scissors, then stole their squad car and drove away with the police needing to catch a ride from a citizen to pursue her. She wrecked the police cruiser and was arrested. She apparently has a history of Schizophrenia.
8 29 2013 IL In what has become the first murder in the history of the small town, 27-year-old Michael Zaky Bassalya shot and killed his mother in the parking lot of the St Mark Orthodox Coptic Church. Bassaly claims he planned to kill her (61-year-old Yvonne Bassaly) and himself out of fear of Egyptian community reprisal for asylum papers he had forged. The killer claims his mother asked to go to the church and pray, then once there asked him to kill her.
8 22 2013 OR Acting on the Church Arson Prevention Act of 1996, the FBI has joined with other law-enforcement agencies attempting to identify a man who set fire to the Coos Bay Chapel and attempted to ignite a bomb planted inside with the fire. 
8 19 2013 IL On the steps by the front door of the Uptown Baptist Church, gang violence erupted with what many are saying was 20 gunshots leaving 1 man dead, 1 critical and three others injured. A prayer service and feeding of the homeless was in session in the church. The pastor felt some of the injured were coming to eat. The shooter is in custody.
8 18 2013 PA 2 young men shoved an 82-year-old woman down on the sidewalk as she exited the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church Sunday service. They ran off with her purse. She had a broken shoulder, broken face bones and a cut over her eye. She will survive, and 18-year-old Michael Duku has been arrested.
8 14 2013 KS Police believe a 32-year-old man whose body was found floating in an ornamental pond at the Central Community Church committed suicide. He had left a suicide note at his home when he was last seen on Wednesday. His body was discovered on Saturday the 17th and authorities feel he had been in the water since the 14th.
8 13 2013 NJ An officer responding to an area burglary spotted the suspect – 26-year-old Archie Ashley – walking towards the back door of the St. Mathias Church. When the officer tried to stop him, a fight resulted with Ashley punching the officer in the chest, neck and head then disarming the officer and shooting at him with his own gun barely missing. Ashley was charged with attempted murder of a police officer.
8 12 2013 CO 42-year-old William Thomas was staying in the basement of the Remnant Church as the area homeless are allowed to do. He and 36-year-old Janus Armstead (homeless) got into an argument about 2:00 that Monday morning, and Thomas stabbed Armstead who was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries but did survive. Thomas was arrested.
7 29 2013 PA Christina Marie Emerick, 23, became enraged at her former boyfriend (28-year-old Christopher Downs) in the parking lot of the St. John's-Newberry United Methodist Church. Many children were around the church for VBS as she shot him several times with a .410 revolver, then jumped on him and beat him in the head with the gun when she ran out of ammo. A motorist passing by intervened without weapons, and Downs is expected to survive.
7 28 2013 TX Belgrade Baptist Church pastor Luther P. Jones apparently had a long-standing feud with his nephew, 34-year-old Curtis Paul Jones. Curtis was headed to a different church that Sunday morning when someone from the Belgrade Baptist church allegedly flagged him into the parking lot. As soon as he pulled in, 64-year-old Luther shot him several times through the passenger side window killing him. Luther Jones is charged with murder and his son (45-year-old Luther Jr.) is also charged in connection with the murder.
7 26 2013 AR A 4-year-old girl was playing in the Nazarene church with her brothers as their parents were working in the church on that Friday afternoon. When she ran outside to play a man saw her, told her he had a secret, then grabbed her by the hand and led her away.  The parents soon realized their daughter was missing and called police. Police found her ½ mile away being led by the hand of 67-year-old Robert Gerald Walker who told police he was her Grandfather. NOTE: In nearly 700 stories, I have never commented before – but I will now. There is not a punishment cruel enough for this low-life degenerate (and I can think of some very cruel things I would be honored to do to him).
7 25 2013 DE Becoming the 2nd deadly force incident at a church in Wilmington in as many days, a man was shot and wounded in the parking lot of the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Both churches are in high crime areas. The man will survive after being shot in the neck and left arm.
7 25 2013 PA 62-year-old Monette Bressler killed herself on the grounds of the Lima United Methodist Church. Her body was found in bushes at the front of the church.
7 24 2013 DE Rev. Paul Williams was carjacked at gunpoint outside of the St. Paul's Catholic Church. Police later found the stolen vehicle nearby where youth were playing basketball. When 19-year-old Deiondre Travis finished playing basketball and attempted to drive the vehicle away, he was arrested on the spot.
7 24 2013 MO Two men claiming to have a weapon robbed a man inside the Second Missionary Baptist Church about 9:00 on that Wednesday morning.
7 23 2013 AL The wife of Rev. Richard Shahan (Associate pastor of 1st Baptist, Birmingham) was found stabbed to death in their church-owned home. Rev. Shahan was briefly held and questioned, but soon released. He was arrested again in January 2014 as he attempted to board a flight for Germany. He was charged with murder that day.
7 21 2013 WI Father Jan Kieliszewski committed suicide inside the Nativity of the Lord Parish (1 of 2 parishes he oversaw) some time before Sunday AM Mass was about to commence. Diocese officials disclosed there was nothing suspect in his records except recent medical conditions.
7 18 2013 FL Father Lesly Jean of the St. Helen Church was giving a tour of the campus to a fellow priest around 10:00 PM on that Thursday night. Two men jumped over a nearby fence and robbed them at gunpoint. They also demanded they get on the ground, but one of the priests refused saying, “shoot me”. The two men jumped back over the fence and left in an SUV driven by a female accomplice.
7 18 2013 TX Neighbors heard gunfire erupt at the Calvary Hill Baptist Church about 1:50 that Thursday AM, then saw a black Mercedes speed away. When police arrived they found 54-year-old Gerald Lynn Johnson dead in the church parking lot. Jamon Derrell Walker, 23, was arrested for the murder. Robbery is the suspected motive 
7 16 2013 CA Undercover officers were sitting in an unmarked car outside of a Pentecostal church as a funeral was being conducted for a known gang member. Another gang member approached the officers and pulled a gun, which resulted in them shooting him dead. Then a muzzle flash was observed from the church as other gang members ran into it. Police conducted a full call-out of everyone in the church and arrested two more people from inside the service. 
7 15 2013 NJ As worshippers were inside the Muslim Federation of New Jersey, gunfire erupted outside. A young man believed to be the intended victim ran through the mosque knocking people over then out a side door as the gunfire hit cars and the building. No arrests have yet been made. 
7 15 2013 NY As a funeral was taking place at the St. Aloysius Church that Monday morning, 2 men knocked on the rectory door. When one of the two women in that part of the church opened the door, the two men forced their way in. Wearing haz-mat suits and dust masks, one of the men put a knife to one of the women’s throat, while the other held a gun to the other woman’s head and demanded cash.
7 14 2013 NM As the pastor of the Native Bible Fellowship Church was getting things ready for Sunday service, he found two men dead under the wheel chair ramp at the church entrance. Though area police are tight-lipped about any details, they are investigating it as a double homicide.
6 30 2013 NY As 70 people were gathered for services inside the Tabernacle of Joy Baptist Church, Jonathan Mack and Isaac Andrews argued over money (or Andrews intervened in an altercation between Mack and a woman – reports vary) outside. Mack produced a gun and shot Andrews, killing him on the church grounds.
6 26 2013 GA 57-year-old David Rutherford was found beaten and shot to death in the parking lot of the Greater Ward Chapel AME Church. 17-year-old Cody Jamal Mathis was arrested related to the murder. Robbery appears to be the motive.
6 23 2013 MS A fight broke out inside the Asia Missionary Baptist Church between deacons and the pastor. Police had responded and the leaders had cooperated and agreed to settle it peacefully. However as the officers were leaving out the back door of the church in the little town of 1,700 people, they encountered 26-year-old Cacedric White who had brought a shotgun to defend his dad (one of the deacons). After firing once, one officer responded by shooting and killing him.
6 21 2013 FL After meeting with Police on Friday morning to discuss his obligations as a registered sex offender living in the community, 56-year-old Donald James Smith befriended 8-year-old Charish Perriwinkle and her mother. After a few hours of shopping for them that Friday evening, he slipped away from the mother with the girl. Charish’s body was found the next day behind the Highlands Baptist Church.
6 17 2013 MS As congregants were standing outside the Northminister Baptist Church, two men got out of a nearby car, forced them onto the ground at gunpoint and robbed them. Video cameras at an area convenience store were critical in the identification needed to arrest the men. The arrested men are suspects in the similar incident listed on 6/13/13. Investigators indicated the attackers were looking for people lingering after church. Both churches increased security after the incidents.
6 16 2013 UT 66-year-old James Evans was participating in Mass at St. James the Just Catholic Church when his son-in-law (who had just walked in moments before hand-in-hand with Evans’ daughter) walked up to him and shot him in the head with a handgun pulled out of his waste band. Evans will survive. The shooter had a history of criminal activity, including domestic abuse with Evans’ daughter. Drugs and alcohol may have been a contributor.
6 13 2013 MS As 4 women were standing outside the St. Richard church, two men got out of a nearby car, forced them onto the ground at gunpoint and robbed them. The men struck again 4 days later and were arrested (see 6/17/13 incident).
6 10 2013 NM As the funeral for his sister was being held at the New Beginnings Church, 59-year-old William Chavez walked into the service. The pastor recalled later that he was “very suspicious and had a weird aura…” Security tried to de-escalate as Chavez began to argue with his sons, then escorted all three outside. Once outside, Chavez pulled a gun in anger, shooting his son and shooting at security as he fled. He was later arrested, and the son is expected to survive. The security guards effectively mitigated the attack, and kept it away from the crowd.
6 8 2013 OH 4 shots were fired into a gazebo where the Assumption Parish Church was holding a festival. A 14-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy were both struck, but recovering from their wounds. Police have no suspects, but believe there were two male attackers.
6 3 2013 TN While it took until 6/3/13 for enough evidence to result in an indictment, former Second Baptist Church pastor Eddie Mallonee had conspired (with a woman in his church) to kill his wife since 2011. Mallonee and Shelley Shannon Moran had devised ways of poisoning his wife, but their plot was discovered prior to doing it. Both have been charged with crimes related to conspiring to commit murder
6 1 2013 GA A mother was briefly distracted as her 10-year-old daughter roller-skated in the 1st Baptist Church parking lot. A man began chatting with the little girl complimenting her on how pretty she was – that she could be a model. Then he asked her to get into his car with him. The mother approached and the man sped off. Police have no doubt an abduction attempt was interrupted at the last minute.
5 26 2013 SC 59-year-old Paul Gabriel was asked to leave the Mt. Calvary Baptist Sunday evening church. As he left he said he would be back. He returned with a rifle and a gas can with which police found him near the church. He told officers he was “going to get” and “going to burn” a man who was sleeping with women of the church.
5 25 2013 PA As two men were in line waiting to be served  a free Saturday morning breakfast at the First Presbyterian Church, one of the men (Israel Polanco-Cano – who police located and arrested 6 months later) stabbed the other multiple times in the chest and throat. The 32-year-old victim is expected to survive.
5 21 2013 AL 76-year-old Anthony Jackson and his 69-year old brother Terry were murdered while at the West Huntsville United Methodist Church getting the Tuesday morning food pantry ready. Both men (who were regular helpers at the outreach) were found stabbed to death by another outreach worker. The suspect was identified and arrested over one year later.
5 19 2013 LA As the congregation of 148 was in the Sunday morning service in the Kingdom Hall Church, 36-year-old Sanders Floyd, Jr. set fire to the church front doors. Floyd used a combustible liquid he poured on the doors for the arson. 
5 18 2013 MI Several people noticed a single male walking around in the late Saturday night St. Joan of Arc church festival / carnival. After he went to his car in the parking lot across the street he fired a single gunshot from his car, sending carnival workers and patrons scrambling for cover. Nobody was hit, and the shooter left after firing only one time. He has not yet been identified.
5 17 2013 NE Consistent with how we often see it, Mirna Medina-Colocho met her violent ex-boyfriend (Aslin Nabarro who had a restraining order) in the parking lot of St. Mary’s Cathedral (as a “safe place”). As stunned parishioners watched, Nabarro became angry and stabbed her 20 times in her upper torso and head. She will live. Nabarro stabbed himself too, but will live in incarceration.
5 13 2013 KY Around 7:00 PM that Monday evening, a 23-year-old man was setting in his car in the parking lot of the Highland Park Missionary Baptist Church, reflecting on the anniversary of his infant son’s untimely death.  As he was thinking on it, a man approached his car and demanded that he get out. When the distraught dad refused, the man shot him then ran off. The wounds are not life threatening.
5 12 2013 NM 74-year-old Merced Estrada was standing outside the San Jose Parish visiting with friends after the service when she dropped to the ground. Nobody had heard any shots, but a bullet had struck her in the head. She was recovering in the hospital, and police have nothing to go on, but are guessing it may have not been intentional.
5 6 2013 AL While cutting the grass for the Zion Star Missionary Baptist Church as a hired landscape contractor, 76-year-old Birl Jackson was shot and killed. Witnesses heard three shots then his grandson found him dead in his truck in the parking lot of the church. Investigators believe robbery was the motive, and had 2 suspects in custody.
5 5 2013 UT Sometime after Sunday services and before Monday morning work, a Molotov cocktail was thrown through a window into an LDS Ward house. No suspects as of press time, the fire burned itself out in the kitchen before being discovered.
5 5 2013 TX After 14-year-old Ruby Zavala broke up with a 22-year-old boyfriend, he turned violent and possessive (he had previous sexual violence arrests). When Ruby, her mother and a 3-year-old sister came out of the St. Michael Catholic Church Sunday afternoon following Mass, he was waiting at the family pick-up truck. He forced them into the truck at knife-point. The abductor let the mother and 3-year-old out, and was apprehended later due to a massive man-hunt (and Amber Alert) before harming Ruby.
4 30 2013 FL John Henry Bowser (76) was in the parsonage of the Glorious Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith when Terrence Rashad Wright (24) bludgeoned him to death with a hammer. Wright was recently released from incarceration in the latest of a history of criminal acts. He had been hanging around the church looking for work, and some had warned pastor Bowser to be cautious of the man. Robbery for cocaine money was the motive. 
4 28 2013 NM People were shaking hands with 24-year-old Lawrence Capener (whose mother is a regular attendee of the St. Jude Thaddeus Roman Catholic Church where the attack happened) noticed he was acting strangely, and his palms were sweaty. Then without warning, he rushed the choir stage going over pews as he attacked. Once on stage he yelled, “Fake Preacher!” and stabbed 4 people in the attack. All 4 will live. He was convinced one of his victims was a Mason worthy of dying, and only apologized for the other three. He was subdued by congregants and held down until police arrived.
4 27 2013 FL 25-year-old Travis Fogle had his girlfriend drive him to the First Baptist Hilltop Church for a planned meeting with Jamanus Beck. When Fogle walked over to Beck’s car in the parking lot, there was a gunshot. Fogle dropped to the ground. Fogle died, and Beck was later arrested and charged with murder.
4 26 2013 CA 47-year-old Johnny Reyes got into an argument with another man in the parking lot of the Spanish LDS church around 4:15 that Sunday afternoon. Reyes shot the man several times then ran over him, but the man is expected to survive. Police consider Reyes as armed and dangerous, but have not been able to locate him.
4 19 2013 TX Police were able to de-escalate a situation where a man had climbed onto the roof of the Congress Avenue Baptist Church with a gun. Though he threatened an officer with the gun, officers were able to talk him into surrendering. The man was a parolee with a criminal and drug abuse history.
4 7 2013 MA The YMCA was hosting a church group as a fundraiser basketball game and feeding of the homeless when two men appeared on the front steps of the facility and one began shooting, possibly returning fire from another source. No people were hit despite the fact that the church group were all over the lawn in front of the attackers. Two men were later arrested due to the good observance of an off-duty MA State trooper who witnessed the attack.
4 4 2013 AZ As police were investigating a reported shooting in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church at 1:00 AM on that Thursday, a gunshot victim drove up to a nearby convenience store and called for help. Investigators were able to determine he had been shot in the church parking lot. The victim was not cooperative with police and is expected to survive. 
3 31 2013 OH Yelling radical Islamic quotes, 25-year-old Reshad Riddle walked into the Easter morning service at the Hiawatha Church of God in Christ with a handgun.  He had just used it to shoot and kill his own dad (52-year-old Richard Riddle) as he was coming out of the church. As people scrambled for cover, Riddle continued his verbal assault going up to the pulpit. He was arrested without resistance before shooting any more. He had a serious and long history of crime including domestic violence.
3 12 2013 MI A man shot and killed himself while sitting in his truck in the parking lot of the Maplelawn Baptist Church. Police were called after somebody found him on Tuesday afternoon.
3 4 2013 OK 18-year-old Michael Seockjin Moon walked into a side door (that was unlocked to make it easy for a women’s prayer meeting) of the First Presbyterian Church shortly after 8:00 Am that Monday morning. Encountering two church workers he informed them that the church was full of sinners and he was going to kill them all. He was quite calm about his threats, and was later arrested. Moon was booked under a complaint of felonious assault and making threats to kill. Moon told witnesses he has been treated for mental illness.
2 3 2013 MO A man in his early 20’s was shot in the parking lot of the Centenary United Methodist Church on that Sunday afternoon. Police were looking for 2 males on suspicion of attempted murder. The man is expected to survive.
2 3 2013 MD As congregants of the Members of Faith Christian Fellowship were in Sunday morning worship, a man sitting in his car in the parking lot shot and killed himself.
2 2 2013 CA An 18-year-old boy made credible enough threats of murder that the Youth For Christ Church evacuated a youth event on that Saturday evening. The boy (still at the site when officers arrived) expressed desire to kill other kids, and claimed he had planted explosives in the church. No explosives were found, but he was arrested for the threats and bomb claim.
1 28 2013 AL About 10:00 AM on that Monday, two armed men entered the Maggie Street Baptist Church demanding money. One of them hit one of the employees during the robbery, but no shots were fired.
1 28 2013 GA When area church basketball teams met to play in an annual Christian Basketball tournament, a local gang member showed up with a gun. He shot a 16-year-old player in the neck.
1 27 2013 IL As Sunday evening services were coming to order at Ira Grove Baptist Church, 3 masked men dressed in all black stormed the services. One blocked the doors, one announced, "Session over. Give me everything you got", as the other held a gun to the pastor’s head. They got away with wallets, cell phones and jewelry but 2 of the 3 were soon caught, and it is only a matter of time for the 3rd. 
1 26 2013 NC After being caught in securities fraud and money laundering, John Knox Bridges failed to appear in Federal court. After an arrest was issued, he eluded authorities until a tip came that he had taken refuge in the basement of the Maupin Avenue Presbyterian Church, and that he was armed. Authorities called his mother to the scene to help deescalate a stand-off with police in the church. Bridges did cooperate and surrendered without any shots being fired.
1 16 2013 TN As the congregation of the Mount Bethel M. B. Church was gathered on that Wednesday night for bible study and choir practice, a shooting erupted outside the back of the church. Moments later a wounded man came through the front door asking for help and for the congregation to call his mother. The man’s condition was upgraded later and he is expected to live.
1 12 2013 MI As a funeral was in process at the Full Gospel Christian Church, a shot rang out in the congregation. Steven Lawson, 28, had been shot in the head and died at the scene. A person of interest was arrested 3/28/13
1 12 2013 FL Responding to a report of a shooting victim, police found 26-year-old Kerry Lamb dead in the parking lot of the Shindler Drive Baptist Church.
1 10 2013 AL Terry Greer (54), pastor of the Gardendale-Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church was arrested for the murder of his 52-year-old wife (Lisa) in their church-owned home. According to the couple’s teenage daughter (Suzanna), Greer shot and killed his wife, then turned the gun on the daughter who wrestled it away from him after being wounded and ran for help. Greer then attempted to stab himself to death but survived.
1 8 2013 AR Quick thinking congregants were able to stop Esker Martin after he dropped his knife as he was rushing the Pastor of the First Baptist Church. Martin was intoxicated when he jumped up in the Tuesday night service and began yelling and running up the aisle with his knife in hand towards the pastor. Deacons detained him until police could arrive and arrest him.
1 2 2013 MA A 26-year-old woman went on a berserk rampage inside the Catholic Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (aka “Mission Church”). She is alleged to have thrown religious statues at congregants and staff. When police arrived, she attacked them with a 3-foot tall statute injuring one officer. She had caused a disturbance at the church before which had gone un-reported. She was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and several other charges.
1 5 2013 AZ The body of a man was found outside of the First United Methodist Church, lying in a pool of blood. Incident categorized as first homicide in Yuma for 2013. Yuma PD not releasing any details.

Welcome to the comprehensive list of Ministry related deadly force incidents. The data listed below is for the time period of the previous year to the current date of this year.
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Only incidents which occurred on U. S. soil are included.

In the short story line published for each incident, emphasis is on stating details that may help security operators consider lessons learned. For general statistics compiled of the stories following, see the violence statistics tab.

The following criteria govern this set of data.

1. The incident must have occurred on the grounds of the church or ministry, or on property owned by the ministry (i.e. church parsonage or ministry camp). In the cases where an attack on the pastor or pastor’s family at their home was related to church activity, those stories are included as well (a random robbery that happened to be at the pastor-owned home would not be included, but see incident on 10/10/11 that was included as an example).

2. In rare cases, attacks in general public areas are included if that is the primary ministry field of the organization.

3. If the pastor or ministry principle is the attacker, it is considered a deadly force incident regardless of where that ministry leader perpetrated the act.

4. There must be at least one of the following;

a. Victims or potential victims of potential charges of homicide, attempted homicide or crimes of violence with homicide potential (assault with a deadly weapon, arson with people in the building, kidnapping / abduction, attempted abduction, baby abandoned in dangerous elements, etc)

b. Suicide or attempted suicide.

c. Suspicious or unattended death of body found on ministry grounds.

d. Evidence of the use of deadly force by either attackers or defenders. If the attack was not intended to be deadly force, but an act of aggression was involved that became a homicide, it is a deadly force incident.

e. A credible threat of deadly force which resulted in arrests, significant property damage or evidence of a bombing attempt or plan.

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