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Think About it ...



One of the first stories I ever saw that stuck with me would have been in the mid 1960’s. I was a very small boy playing on the floor watching the TV NEWS. On the screen I saw a young black boy laying lifeless on a sloped driveway with his blood flowing down towards the street. I didn't understand why somebody would hurt a small boy like that.

As I got older I saw more of the civil rights struggle. I spent time being caught up in the racial thing myself. Sometimes when I would say or do a racist thing, I would recall the image of that little boy on the driveway.

As the years passed and I got older, the race issue ended with me. Our children were not the racist I was when I was a child. Now our children have children and our many grandchildren are growing up with solid respect for others – regardless of color.


To return to the racial foolishness of my youth would be unconscionable. The Scriptures remind us that, “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”[i] To just be reminded that the irrational ways of our youth were not only predictable by our Creator’s inspired word, but forgiven by Him is consolation enough.

As a nation we have been through the same process of maturity. The 1860’s was a giant step forward. The 1960’s repeated another giant step forward. Both of these time periods were also marked with unspeakable tragedy with significant representation of demagogues trying to stop the progress. Still we moved forward.

We've come far. I am by no means alone – there is a growing nation of mature people who would not return to those disrespectful mindsets if we were forced to.


However – right now at the highest levels of our nation, strong sentiments of racism are being modeled by our leadership – starting with our president. Obama (and Eric Holder and others) are doing nothing to demonstrate the progress our nation has come through.


Beyond modeling and demonstrating the mistrust they have for anyone who disagrees with them, the provocateurs surrounding him are inciting that mistrust.


As the President of the United States, if you so much as look in one direction, a great collection of people criticize the way you look while another host run full speed in that direction. Our president and the influences he has chosen to connect with are looking backwards.


I hear people criticize our great nation saying “we haven’t learned anything in 200 years.” That type of insolent rhetoric is the result of the type of influence being modeled from the top.


These leaders have taken great effort to rebuild a wall that was crumbling. Obama had great opportunity to bring it down more, but he let that opportunity slip by. He seems to be ruling by emotion and unforgiveness of sins long past, laying brick on brick to build even more division.


Against all evidence, they continue to model disrespect for truth to the point where football players and High School youth hold up their hands in mock surrender based upon the total disregard for hard truth that has been modeled from the top.


That leadership now has an opportunity to correct this. In the coming weeks they will make more statements that will either continue to divide, or can model acceptance of truth – even when it hurts.


If I could say one thing to our president I would say, “Mr. Obama – Tear down this wall”.


Think About it:


Ø This racial card being played in the face of the hard truths in Ferguson has already destroyed churches. People who were not there have been incited to riot by others who were not there. The ones who examined the hard evidence are mocked and disregarded only because they did not discover the message the race players had fabricated.


Ø I usually bite my political tongue. Forgive me for once in a while speaking it like I see it. I am sickened by what I see in Ferguson.

[i] I Corinthians 13:11 (NIV)