This section is updated every Sunday morning to give church security teams some things to think about as they prepare for weekend services. I wish your team the very best and hope you may find occasional things applicable to your operations.

Security!? In a church?

Think About it ...

A Season for Vigilance


When it comes down to who to believe concerning terror alert levels, I am very careful with sources for information. Some seem eager to report “imminent attack activity” on a regular basis. Others wouldn’t admit to an impending attack on US soil if radicals were surrounding the Whitehouse.


For many years I have subscribed to update alerts from the National Terror Alert Response Center. On Friday of this week I read not only their e-mail alert regarding ISIS in Juarez, but also the articles they referenced. I followed that through the weekend by reading news stories such as those published by the Daily News out of the UK.


I have never known Judicial Watch to be off balance, biased, politicized or agenda-driven such as many in the terrorist watching arena (thank you Eric Holder -- for finally seeing the Southern Poverty Law Center as one of those biased groups and removing their link as a resource on Federal websites).


I believe Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton to be a straight shooter. For colleagues who keep an eye on threat levels, I recommend subscribing to their National Terror Alert as a good and reliable resource.


There are some things that are certain;


1.   ISIS, Al Queda, or any variation of extreme Islam despises America and American religious freedom.

2.   Our current administration is stumbling, stuttering and disjointed. Our national condition reads like lines out of Sun Tzu about attacking while your enemy is confused.

3.   Whether from an Arab nation traveling through Juarez or home grown radicalized by internet-based influences, there are already radicals here on the ground with the opportunity, intent and ability to inflict an attack.

4.   Another attack will happen someday on U.S. soil. Like other criminals, Islamic radicals like attacks related to an anniversary.

5.   Preceding any attack will be surveillance on some level.


With all that said, what do we do with such information?


Think About it:


Ø If you see something say something.  Be credible – don’t suspect every beard and scarf – but be alert. And do not think “it won’t happen here or now”.


Ø We have got to get better at suspect identity. There should never be a suspicious person report that does not include a full vehicle description and license plate number (as one example). Be sensible in evaluation, and be sensible in documentation. Get true identity.


Ø Please use this current concern level as an opportunity for training your eyes and ears teams.


Ø Watch publications like Memri for an eye on applicable happenings. The gateway to hatred for Western values is in the Middle East. What they see now is what is coming this way. It is not that there is a coming holy war – there is already a holy war. It is coming here.


Ø From now through 9/11 I believe we should be in an elevated state of awareness. And I hope a lot of people make fun of me and others in a few weeks for having been wrong.