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Security!? In a church?

Think About it ...

10th Annual, National Church Security Conference



Over 10 years ago I searched the internet for national church security leaders and companies. I could only find two – Chuck Chadwick of NOCSSM and Bob Klamser of Crisis Consulting International.


Then on March 12th, 2005 an angry church member killed pastor Randy Gregory, Gregory’s 17-year-old son (James) and 5 others in the Sunday morning service at the Living Church of God in Brookfield, WI.


That attack was significant to me in two ways;


Number one, I heard news anchors say things like “this is the 5th shooting at a church in American History”. I had no idea where they were getting their statistics from, but I knew they were way off. I had catalogued many homicides in churches by then. Coverage of the Brookfield church showed misinformation causing dismissal of the need for intentional incident readiness in churches. I knew I would someday release my research in a way to inform others.


Number two, while I am certain there were more national church security leaders than Bob and Chuck in the years before 2005, they weren’t easy to find. Following the Brookfield Wisconsin shooting, many more came onto the scene, or became discoverable by utilizing internet websites.


This year, many of those leaders -- both old and new -- will be joining together for the 10th annual National Church Security conference put together by Chuck Chadwick. It is special to have Bob Klamser as one of the speakers.


Another speaker will be my very good friend Jimmy Meeks. Other great friends I have met in this field will be there as well. Bob Wild of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance and Greg Love of Ministry Safe will be speaking. Brian Gallagher is another very good friend who served for many years in the Secret Service. He will present on executive protection operations.


One of the great things about this year’s conference is that it will be held at my home church! New Life Church in Colorado Springs will be the site of this very special conference. Not only will I tell the story of our shooting right where it happened, but our security team will demonstrate some of the drills they do led by Jeff Kowell (our Director of Life Safety Ministries). Our senior pastor says (of church security), “we aren’t experts, but we are experienced”.



Think About it:


Ø For details on (or to register for) this August 8th and 9th event, go to


Ø A conference is a great way to pick up new ideas. There is really no better conference than one that pulls from multiple experienced professionals. You will not find another conference with such a depth and diversity of professionals as this one.


Ø If you can only budget for one conference this year – make this the one. You will not be sorry.


Ø I hope to see you there!