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Think About it ...

Jihad 2014


Many of us believe what we see occurring in other nations is practice for what may be coming here. I hope we are wrong.


This week there were two attacks across the big pond to our east that we find particularly alarming.


On Tuesday 11/18, Palestinian Islamic terrorists (most likely Hamas) attacked a synagogue in Jerusalem.  At about 07:00 as worshippers attended the synagogue, the two Palestinians entered – one shooting and the other hacking with a meat cleaver. When they were done, 5 would die and others remain hospitalized with serious injuries.


Palestinians across the region celebrated the attacks with their children giving out candy in the streets, public dances with flags and cartoons of the carnage.


Then on Saturday 11/22, Somali Islamic terrorists (Al-Shabob) attacked a commuter bus at Dawn in eastern Kenya. The 70 passengers were ordered off the bus, and asked one by one to recite the Shahada (a tenant of Muslim faith). Those who could not quote it, were made to lay face down on the ground shoulder to shoulder.


29 men and women were put on the ground in such form, as one gunman started from one end shooting and another worked in from the other end. They shot and killed each person they came to working towards the middle. The very middle person was overlooked perhaps by each gunman thinking the other had shot him, but the other 28 were killed.


Think About it:


Ø These acts of cowardice and barbarism were carried out in the name of religion. In Jerusalem they were killed for who they were – in Kenya for who they were not.


Ø Al Qaeda, ISIS, AQAP, Hamas, Boko Haram, Al Shabob – they all mean the same thing, “Kill anyone who doesn’t believe their radical faith”.


Ø AQAP publishes the Inspire Magazine while ISIS has now released their 4th edition of Dabiq magazine. Both are very well done with a very clear message of recruitment to the cause. Much of that recruitment message is one of inspiring lone wolf attacks on Western soft targets. Dabiq by the way is a city in Syria where Islamic teaching says the final battle between Christians and Muslims (Armageddon) will take place.


Now that is something to think about.