This section is updated every Sunday morning to give church security teams some things to think about as they prepare for weekend services. I wish your team the very best and hope you may find occasional things applicable to your operations.

Security!? In a church?

Think About it ...

Hard Times


As we celebrate our nation’s birth, it is a tough time for us. I make no bones about it, the current direction of our country seems not only harmful to the fabric of our nation, but also seems hostile toward Christian values.


In contemplating all this, I was urged to read of another time that was hostile to Christianity.


During Christ’s ministry time He was hit hard from every angle. The religious leaders of the day would get angry and wrapped around the axle of scriptural compliance when they saw a healed man carrying his bedroll.


The ruling authority of the time had just beheaded Jesus’ friend and cousin, John, as the result of a lavish party at the White House and a vindictive evil woman’s influence.


Jesus had gone to a place of rest (Mt.14:17, Mk. 6:38, Lk 9:13, Jn. 6:9) but the crowds had followed him there.


In those hard times, what was His response to the crowds? It was a response of compassion and care. He fed them.


Think About it:


Ø We can’t let hard times derail us. Our first mission is to be ambassadors of Christ. In that regard, our first circle of critical responsibility is our own family. Look to the Author and Finisher of our faith, and take a lesson from Him. Start that true caring nature with your own family.


Ø As you serve others, do so because you genuinely care for them. You truly want to find the best in people and have them find that for themselves as well.


Ø Jesus couldn’t change the hearts of the religious leaders. He couldn’t do anything about the death of John, or the culture of the national leadership that spewed out such brainless decrees. He could meet people at the level of their need, and that is what He did.


Ø We follow His model while being ready to intervene if danger presents itself. This is the difference of serving as church security. Our hearts are set on watching His example in the toughest of times.


Ø And we hope. Foreign missions security experts tell those who find themselves kidnapped to NEVER LOSE HOPE. Sometimes it feels as if Christian values have been kidnapped from us here at home. So let’s never lose hope, and never lose compassion towards those around us who need us to be strong and ready. But be strong and ready in the right way.


Ø Have a blessed holiday week!