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​It's about protecting those who are His!

Evil Invades Sanctuary

By Carl Chinn

Carl Chinn was introduced to the need for security while serving as Building Engineer for Focus on the Family – a Colorado ministry founded (and led at the time) by Dr. James Dobson. Like others in faith-based management, Chinn had dismissed the subject of emergency readiness & inside security through much of his career, considering it an inconvenient distraction of debatable importance. After all – isn’t that what 911 is for?

Experiences changed his views on the subject.

In 1996 he was a responder in a standoff with an angry gunman who took hostages at the Focus on the Family ministry. Following the attacker’s trial, Chinn began researching and writing on the subject of criminal and other incidents in North American ministries. In 2005, he and others began to develop an intentional security program for New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO. He was one of the team of responders who engaged the killer on 12/09/2007.

Chinn now speaks to faith-based operators and law-enforcement groups on the subject of  lessons learned in ministry security.

Carl and his wife Deana raised their 5 children in the Colorado Springs area and now enjoy 15 Grandchildren.

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Carl Chinn


Carl Chinn

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Carl is based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has had professional interaction with security and law-enforcement professionals in 45 states, specifically regarding faith-based organization (FBO) readiness and security operations. He has physically been to 33 states for speaking engagements and / or on-site interface with FBO security and / or law-enforcement involved with FBO’s. He first worked with an architect’s design team on physical security needs in 1992, and done so many times since. He performed his first FBO risk assessment in 1995 and has done many since. He served for 11 years on a mega-church security team to launch, then to participate in the ongoing operations.

His perspective on the myriad aspects of church security are seasoned and carefully studied. If you need any of the
4 services highlighted below, please contact him today.

Public Speaker: Subject matter presentations for an hour as a part of a larger group, or a full day of sub-categories covering the gauntlet of security awareness. Speaking engagements can be combined with any of the other three service offerings.

NOTE: Due to the 2018 speaking schedule (which is the most effective of all services offered) Carl simply has no time until further notice to perform any of the three following services.

Risk Assessment: An objective measure of how ready your FBO is for uninvited disruptions, whether criminal, environmental or accidental.

Construction Design Assistance: The new or renovation construction phase of your FBO facilities is a perfect time to consider the built environment, special systems technology and the integration of the two at your site. The further forward in the design process the better.

Security Systems Specifications: Guidance through selecting the most effective surveillance, intrusion detection, access control and other security technologies based on your FBO budget and needs.