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think about it...

                                                              Fire is Satan’s Weapon of Choice

Over 11 days recently, 3 churches in the St. Landry Parish of Louisiana were victims of arson. St. Mary Baptist Church was burned on March 26th. On April 2nd, it was the Greater Union Baptist Church; on April 4, the Mount Pleasant Baptist. All were totally destroyed. All were predominately black churches.

The arrested 21-year-old suspect was deep into “Black Metal Music.” That is especially vile music with emphasis on Satanic themes, previously related (both in lyric and action) to church burnings. While the genre is not racially focused, it is anti-Christian. Mix that with racial bias and you’ve got a volatile situation.

In my book, “Evil Invades Sanctuary” I wrote;

The horror of hatred is often seen in fire. It is part of the psyche of the most violent criminal minds. Hate is the source of most crimes of violence against people or groups, showing its ugliness quite frequently through flame and explosion. 

Arson and bombings are frequent tools of hate used against ministry environments. Nationwide there were 485,000 structure fires in 2010, with 27,000 (5.57%) of them labeled as “intentionally set.” This was a fairly typical year.

By the same research (NFPA), there was an average of 1,890 U.S. Religious and Funeral Property Structure Fires per year during 2004 -- 2008. But in those structure types, the intentionally set ratio was nearly three times the average (15%) accounting for 26% of the loss value.

Many have a misconception that Satan is in hell. He will be someday, but for now the “prince of this world” roams the earth recruiting for his anarchy (I Peter 5:8, John 15:30 and Ephesians 2:2). Fire is the destiny of Satan himself and all who follow him into that anguish (Ezekiel 28:18, Matthew 25:41 and Revelation 20:10-14).

Fire has been his weapon of choice for centuries, perhaps because he knows what is in store for him.

Think About it

Any fire or talk of fire or explosives around your ministry should result in immediate attention. 

Social media that embraces or endorses fire mixed with anti-Christian themes is a cause for concern.

Unfortunately, that social media trail is most often discovered after an attack. It’s hard and diligent work, but any area should have someone dedicated to looking through social media for their area in an attempt to identify disturbing posts.​    

And last week’s TAI…

                                                                Heeding the Wake-Up call

(Reprint from 8/19/12)

In about 1987 my oldest brother (Ed) moved to Washington D. C. to support Jerry Regier in a non-profit 501c(4) organization. Regier, under the guidance of many Christian thought leaders had started the D. C. based, Family Research Council (FRC) to support traditional family values which had begun to come under attack in ways unimaginable just a short time before. Later both Regier and my brother moved onto other things, but the FRC continues strong..

So it really got my attention when a 28-year-old gay rights activist attacked FRC on 8/15/12. The attacker was a volunteer at the DC Center for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Community, often staffing the front desk for them. That day he had decided to buy 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches, get a gun and go to the FRC. The security guard – Leo Johnson –didn’t buy his fabrication of being there as an intern. 

Johnson did his job well and prevented him from entry. He pulled a 9mm Sig Sauer from his backpack and shot Johnson in the arm as Johnson detained him. Johnson still managed to wrestle the gun from him and hold him to the ground (with the help of another security guard) until police arrived and arrested the gunman.

Johnson is our kind of man for sure.

Think About it:

The shooter had two additional fully loaded clips plus, an extra box of ammunition, and the address for another faith-based organization (Traditional Values Coalition) in his back pack. We are thankful his plans were changed by an alert guard. 

What if FRC hadn’t paid attention to the “wakeup call” heard by many and had chosen to continue (as they did in 1988) to just be an open-door organization allowing anyone to walk in?

Many years ago, I stopped considering the Southern Poverty Law Center as a resource as it became quite obvious they were a lot less about identifying true credible threats than they were about promoting their liberal agenda. It was not surprising for me to learn that the SPLC had listed the FRC as a threat and hate group. This is a clear indication of the idiocy of the SPLC.

For many years, law enforcement has been concerned about "lone wolves" spawned by, but not coordinated by or even known by the international terrorist organizations that influenced their actions. This same lone wolf concern applies to domestic terrorists. Many hate groups and agenda driven activists spawn anarchists like the FRC attacker.

How much media saturation would there have been if a staffer at the FRC had gone to the DC Center for the LGBT and tried to shoot his way in? 

Should the DC Center for the LGBT (which influenced the attacker) be listed as a “hate group”?

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