Self-control is the Yoke of the Free

“Now, therefore, the sword will never depart from your house” (2 Samuel, 12:10).

It started in a moment where self-control gave way to self-gratification. To hide those indiscretions a king started a series of cover-ups reading like a story of 21st century abuse of power. Consequences increased with each correction plot. 

Uriah the Hittite was one of David’s elite strong men. His name appears in the chronicles of those 37 remarkable men mentioned in the same passage (2 Samuel 23:39) as the act of dedicated warriors breaking through enemy lines just to bring their revered leader some water from his home-town wells. Though David went on to accomplish remarkable things, there were consequences of this significant act of betrayal.

Though there are consequences to our missteps and intentional sins, never forget the grace that so much more covers us. It is truly an amazing grace that is ours for the acceptance.

But life is so much better when we just exhibit some maturity and control up front. There are fewer consequences too.

Many are aware that Billy Graham made an annual “Merry Christmas call” to the White House through many Presidencies. Many do not know however, that many times that call came from the Jamaican home of Johnny and June Carter Cash. So, for many years, that traditional Merry Christmas call came to the White House from Billy Graham and Johnny Cash.

For the 1st Christmas following the Monica Lewinski issue, Cash told Dr. Graham that he wasn’t going to make that call with him because of the respect he had lost for the President. Cash never told us what Dr. Graham said to him in response; only that he was reminded of his own journey and the grace he had received in his own life.

Cash made the call with Graham that day and truly wished the President a Merry Christmas.


Think About it…

Freedom is not free. You will pay a price; up front with self-control, or in the end with consequences. You cannot serve better than you live.

Exhibit self-control. It will enhance your performance as an effective paladin. But when you stumble, seek grace quickly and truthfully.

And give grace when you can. The same measure could be used back for you.

And last week's TAI ...

                    WITH ALL HEADS BOWED AND NO-ONE LOOKING AROUND … (Shortened TAI first published 1/19/2014)

Most of us have heard that from the pulpit a few times. Security operators typically disobey that pulpit mandate.

Several worshippers from the Christ Gospel Church in Jeffersonville Indiana came to deacons through 2012 with a concern. They were sure they had come to church with more cash in their purses and wallets than when they left. Deacons became alert.

Sure enough, as all heads were bowed and eyes closed (except the sneaky deacons), they caught the adult daughter of a congregant going through things as others prayed. Andrea Washburn was arrested, admitting the thefts were to support her drug habit.

On January 12th, 2014, two strangers were in the back pew of the Sherwood Baptist Church in Odessa Texas. Pastor Shelton was leading the Sunday morning service. When he finished scriptures, all heads bowed for a prayer and everyone closed their eyes.

Pastor Shelton heard a commotion and looked up to see those two men scurrying about in some sort of commotion. It turns out they had snatched a purse off a woman’s walker in the aisle by them and were making their get-away.

The two thugs ran out of the church with the purse, but there was a volunteer outside patrol team (Kudos to Sherwood Baptist Church). They took chase, as did about 20 other members of the church (the lady with the walker must be loved).

When the outside patrol caught up to one of them, the guy pulled a knife. The mad Baptists detained them for police.

Think About it…

The first case tells of desperate drug addiction by a church parishioner. In any church of any size there are folks like that sitting in your pews. Be alert. Drug addiction and trafficking have made for a lot of desperate folks.

The second incident is a prime example of what visitors may be doing at your church.

As ministry security professionals, it is up to you to be alert, while not being a distraction. If you want everyone to see your ear bud chord, you need to examine why you are serving such a role. We are at our churches to help their outreach and edification.

Have a keen eye, but a warm and welcoming countenance. Look for the best in people (which helps you recognize the other).

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