Can’t Does Nothing.

Years ago my first boss told me about Can’t. He said,

“Can’t has never done anything. Can’t isn’t doing anything now. Can’t will never do anything, because Can’t can’t do anything.”

Recently, I was talking with an officer, with whom I typically agree. In that particular conversation however, he said, “No civilian in the Aurora Theater Massacre could have done anything.”

That’s opinion expressed as absolute. When an authority throws out opinion as fact, they discredit themselves. 

Would a successful counter-attack have been tough? You bet. Impossible? No. 

To suggest that others can’t protect, dismisses their abilities just because they don’t share your same credentials. Of course a trained police team has a higher chance of successful victory than an inspired citizen. Well, experienced police with training would outperform police who only have training. Battle-scarred S.E.A.L.s would do better than the experienced and trained police team. For any one of those levels however to say that those of a lesser level of training and / or experience could never be successful, is elitist. 

Can’t wasn’t there when Red McDaniel and Ken Truitt (with no weapons) stopped a killer with an A/R at a church in 1980. Can’t wasn’t there when Jeanne Assam, armed with a 9mm Beretta, stopped a Killer with an A/R at our church in 2007. And Can’t wasn’t there when Stephen Willeford, armed with an A/R and 8 cartridges stopped a killer with an A/R at a church in 2017. Those are just church killers with A/R’s who were stopped by citizens. 


Think About it

Everyone feels overwhelmed at times. The dragon doesn’t have to be a killer. It could be debt, illness or relations. Whatever form the dragon takes, his goal is to defeat. Death, debt, despair or disease all speak the same language of defeat.

Don’t let dragons smack talk you. It doesn’t matter if they are carrying an A/R and wearing black tactical or bringing you a doctor’s report and wearing scrubs.

Stephen Willeford has a tee shirt that proclaims, “Fight like you’re the third monkey on the ramp to the ark, and it’s startin’ to rain.”

You can win. 

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 (NKJV).

Whatever the challenge is in front of you today, don’t let anyone inject you with Can’t.

...and last week's TAI,

                                                            Conscience or Constituency?

I know a 15-year-old girl who went through things this week no child should experience. Her first experience dealing with adults outside of home, school or church resulted in a man more than twice her age crossing multiple lines of decency.

This wasn’t his average victim though. This girl did the brave and right thing immediately and now he will face justice.

The next day I read of a youth pastor arrested for molesting a 12-year-old girl in his own youth group. In that case the man was 57-years-old. The first slight touch (which could have been interpreted by the unsuspecting child as accidental) was in January of 2018. In March the man threatened, choked and sexually assaulted her in a church bathroom. 

He allegedly crossed lines again with her in April and July. Then in August confronted her, threatening her if she told police, he would tell them she had allowed it to occur.

She did the right thing too. He will have his chance of trying to convince a judge or jury.

I wish I could say that was the only church-related sexual assault, committed by an adult in charge upon a child last week, but there were many (as there are every week).

The first case above indicates what we already knew. This issue isn’t just in our churches, there are some real pigs out there in our world.


Think about it

Any grown woman who devised false charges of sexual misconduct against someone solely for political, social or personal reasons should look into the eyes of a child who really did experience it and explain to that child why they played the subject just for their agenda. 

Likewise, any grown man who got by with sexual misconduct against a child should look into the eyes of a jury and explain why they did it.

Every parent should work closely with their children to make certain they conduct themselves with integrity and truth through life and instill in them confidence to come forward with truth.

If they were touched inappropriately, they need to do the right thing and come forward. If they acted stupid and did something that hurt someone else, they need to own it.

Speaking of truth, how can reportedly mature lawmakers make decisions based only upon what will get them more votes ignoring truth in the process?

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